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WSC U8/U9/U10 Rec+. Sean McKuras Director of Youth Development University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Head Women’s Soccer Coach. USSF “B” License. National.

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1 WSC U8/U9/U10 Rec+

2 Sean McKuras Director of Youth Development University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Head Women’s Soccer Coach. USSF “B” License. National Youth License. NSCAA DOC Diploma. NSCAA Level III GK License. MYSA Coach Education Staff. ODP Lead Age Group Coach. Mobile – 612-232-6404

3 The Woodbury Way “Having Fun While Learning Soccer” No Laps, No Lines, No Lectures. Games Not Drills. Ask Questions, Don’t Give All Answers. No Elimination Games. Encourage Effort Over Outcome.

4 The Game Within the Child At WSC we take the approach that the game within the child is the center of all beliefs and decisions. All decisions and actions taken by the coach and Woodbury Soccer Club are made with the player in mind. We don’t need to fit the child into our adult version of the game.

5 Principles of Youth Coaching We will provide positive and encouraging feedback. We will encourage creativity and decision making by the players. We will give clear, concise and correct information to our players We need to provide appropriate training areas. All activities are fun, safe and developmentally appropriate

6 What Does A Good Coach Look Like? Players want to come back and play again. Players feel included and valued regardless of their abilities. Players experience a fun environment where they have multiple opportunities to learn. The coach see’s eye to eye with the player both literally and theoretically. The coach pays attention to all players. Players are active and energetic. So is Coach!

7 Why Do We Coach? We all coach for different reasons. The kids don’t see any difference between a professional coach and a 1 st timer. If you have fun- it is contagious. We have the chance to affect children's development and passion for activity. We have a profound influence on children.

8 Why Player Centered? This methodology places the child’s development at the center of all decisions and actions. The needs of the child should be placed above the needs of the adults or the results of the team. We look to adapt the game to fit the needs of the children. We need to match their stage of physical, mental and social development.

9 Why “Activities” And Not “Drills” Drills do not give the player an opportunity to make decisions. We want to cultivate environments where players can (creatively) problem solve. We can challenge ourselves to provide training sessions that provide soccer related activities. Organized activities minimize the need for discipline.

10 Why Ask Questions And Don’t Give All Answers? Guided questions encourage players to think and problem solve. It helps to enhance their understanding of the game and activities in general. Effective player development is evident when player decisions are based on what the game is telling the individual player. (Not just what a coach/parent is yelling at them).

11 Inclusive vs. Exclusive Training Games Exclusive games generally eliminate the player who needs the most development. We can find ways to motivate all players without excluding any players. We can take the “Slanty Line” Approach – Challenge all players within an activity, rather than coach to the middle of the group.

12 Characteristics of U9/U10 Players Limited multi tasking.. They need brief and clear instructions. Use “add a rule method”. Enjoy partner/group activities – 1:1 & 1:4 ball to player ratio. Improved coordination and spatial awareness. Strong team identification. Motivated to improve. The game is social, include group problem solving. The are becoming serious about sports. Coach is a very important figure. Be aware of the language that you choose. The don’t understand sarcasm. They play for FUN!!!

13 *SAMPLE ACTIVITY* Get To Know You Dribbling This Activity will help with: Comfort with the ball Get to know players/teammates

14 Dribbling – Get To Know You Dribbling Grid 12 x 15 yards All players without soccer balls to start. Have them run, skip, jump (body awareness) in the area. Call out a topic # of siblings Favorite ice cream, pizza, movie etc.. Players will hustle to get in groups that match topic. Add a soccer ball, continue with topics. Have players dribble. Possible Coaching Points This is a Maze, body awareness activity Keep ball close while dribbling Change of speed, direction Head up to find space and then groups Point out different to change direction that players shown you.

15 Diagram Details

16 What’s Next? Look for communication to help plan sessions. Sessions will be a blend of activities and games. Don’t be afraid to enlist help. Plan for everything, it might just happen. Protect all players. Manage playing space. Have an emergency plan. Address, cell phone. Understand basic care and prevention. Remember that WSC Recreation is not a “Drop Off” your kids program. All parents need to be present for practices and games. If a parent does leave they need to designate another parent to be “In Charge”, not the coach QUESTION’S BE PREPARED, HAVE FUN, BE SILLY.!

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