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The branch of gov’t that deals with the court system is called the….?

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1 The branch of gov’t that deals with the court system is called the….?
Judicial branch The branch of gov’t that deals with the court system is called the….?

2 Under the Articles of Confederation, the executive branch was to lead the national government.
True Or False

3 Those who opposed the Constitution feared the national gov’t would…..?
Take away rights of the people.

4 Who was unanimously elected president of the Constitutional Convention?
George Washington

5 A gov’t in which citizens rule through elected representatives is called a….?

6 Constitutional Convention delegates voted for a nat’l gov’t based on the…?
Virginia Plan

7 The nations Finance/Economic challenges
One major weakness of the Articles of Confederation was that gov’t could not deal with….? The nations Finance/Economic challenges

8 Legislative/Congress
The only branch of gov’t that existed under the Articles of Confederation was the ……? Legislative/Congress

9 The gov’t of the Confederation could not pay its debts because it lacked the power to _____ the states or American citizens. Tax

10 The delegates to the Constitutional Convention believed that they had met to ______ the Articles of Confederation. Amend

11 What is the most distinctive feature of the U.S. gov’t….?
The separation of powers

12 What items do Americans call “The Supreme Laws of the Land?”
The Constitution

13 Shay’s Rebellion inspired most Americans to call for the establishment of a national army.
False True Or

14 The _____ called for power to tax, to regulate money, to conduct foreign affairs, and to regulate commerce New Jersey Plan

15 The United States Constitutions system of _________ensures that no one branch of the federal gov’t can become too powerful. Checks and balances

16 The Constitutional Convention agreed that congress would not interfere with???...until 1808?
The Slave Trade

17 Convention delegates broke the deadlock between large and small states when they approved the…..?
Great Compromise

18 What were supporters of the new Constitution called?

19 What type of legislatures did most states establish?
Bicameral ( 2 houses)

20 Hamilton, Madison and Jay expressed their support for the Constitution by writing…..?
The Federalist Papers

21 When the U.S. Constitiution was complete, (at least), 2 delegates refused to sign it because it did not have a…..? Bill of Rights

22 How much access did the public have to the proceedings of the Constitutional Convention?
None/ zip, zero, Nada

23 The president can check congress through…?
NO way Vetoing a bill

24 or True False Federalism was created to balance the power of the central government with the power of the states.

25 Under the U.S. Constitution, the president and vice president are elected indirectly by a special group called the …..? Electoral College

26 Shay’s rebellion forced courts to close so judges could not confiscate…?
Farmer’s Land

27 Can congress propose new amendments to the Constitution?

28 The states adopted constitutions that limited the power of the….?

29 What law helped stop the spread of slavery to the west?
Northwest Ordinance

30 The ____ _____ __ _ _ _ _ divided lands In the West of the Ohio River into townships six miles long and six miles wide. Land Ordinance of 1785

31 What was America’s first constitution called?
Articles of Confederation

32 The U.S. went through an economic ______ after the American Revolution.

33 According to the next slide, tax collection is the responsibility of which level of gov’t?

34 The Federal System National State Shared Declare War
Maintain armed forces Regulate interstate and foreign trade Admit new states Establish post offices Set standard weights and measures Coin money Establish foreign policy Make laws necessary to carry out delegated powers State Establish and maintain schools Establish local gov’ts Regulate business within the state Make marriage laws Provide for public safety Assume others powers not delegated to the nat’l gov’t nor prohibited to the states Shared Maintain law & order Levy taxes Borrow money Charter banks Establish courts Provide for public welfare

35 Both State and National Governments

36 The English Bill of Rights and the ____ ___ were 2 British documents that influenced the Framers of the U.S. Constitution. Magna Carta

37 At the Constitutional Convention, the delegates ultimately decided that slaves were not citizens and should not be counted when determining a state’s representation. True Or False

38 The branch of the gov’t that is headed by the president is called…...?

39 Which branch of gov’t has ultimate control over the other 2?

40 The____ __ ____is a list of freedoms that the government promises to protect.
Bill of Rights

41 He is known as the father of the Constitution…?
James Madison

42 True Or False Passed in 1689, the English Bill of Rights prevented the king and queen from passing taxes or changing laws without Parliament’s consent.

43 A period when economic activity slows and unemployment increases is called…..?

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