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Art analysis and writing about art tips ART OF FRANCE DURING THE 18 TH CENTURY.

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1 Art analysis and writing about art tips ART OF FRANCE DURING THE 18 TH CENTURY

2  There are four things that make up a great piece of writing about art:  Description  Analysis  Interpretation  Evaluation  Utilize each of these stages to develop a holistic view of the artwork. WRITING ABOUT ART

3  Describe what you actually see in the artwork.  How would you describe the painting to a stranger?  List the following:  Name of the artist, title of the work and where is it located?  Questions to consider:  What is your first impression of the work? How do you first react to it? There are no wrong answers here. DESCRIBE How would you describe this painting?


5 PORTRAIT OF MADAME DE POMPADOUR  Painting information:  Artist: François Boucher  Year: 1759  Located: Wallace Collection  Considered an example of a Rococo portraits.  Rococo Painting Style:  Depicts everyday life  Often subject is aristocrats in leisure activities.  Influenced art, interior design, and statues.


7 ANALYZE  Figure out why this is considered a good piece of artwork.  Use these questions to determine why it is:  What grabs your attention in the work?  Are colors used well? Why or why not?  Remember the elements of art:  Color, line, shape, form, space, and texture.  Describe how those elements are used. How would you analyze this painting?


9 THE HAPPY ACCIDENTS OF THE SWING  Painting information:  Artist: Jean-Honoré Fragonard  Year: 1767  Located: Wallace Collection  Considered a masterpiece of Rococo Style.  Depicts a young woman swinging with a young man in the grass and a old man pushing her.  Notice the statues each male figure is next to.


11 INTERPRET  Try to figure out what the work is about.  Artists usually create art because the have something to say.  Questions to ask:  What is the mood of the artwork?, What do you think the work is about?, Why do you think the artist created it? What is the purpose of this painting?


13  Painting information:  Artist: Jacques-Louis David  Year: 1793  Located: Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts at Brussels  David’s paintings known for political activism.  Depicts the death of Revolutionary leader Jean-Paul Marat  Scientist by trade, journalist during the revolution.  Championed human rights THE DEATH OF MARAT


15 EVALUATE  Reflect on everything you've written about  Answer these questions for evaluation: 1.Have your thoughts or feelings about the artwork changed since your first impression. If so, how? 2.What made you change your mind? 3.If not, can you explain your first reaction to the work of art? 4.What have you seen or learned from this work that you might apply to your own way of thinking?

16  You will work in assigned groups to:  Find a significant work of art, painting or sculpture, that was created by a French and/or English artist during 18 th Century.  Create a Prezi that:  Provides a picture of the artwork.  Provides information related to all four phases related to writing about art.  Has appropriate supporting detail.  Be sure that all members participate in the presentation. ASSIGNMENT

17  Monday, 11/10/14:  Define group roles.  Research different art pieces from the primary art styles of the time.  Identify 3 to 4 pieces of artwork.  Select 1 piece of artwork to compile research on.  Outline Research.  Friday (14 th ), Monday (17 th ):  Conduct research related to chosen artwork.  Create a Prezi to share with the class. TIMELINE

18  Each group will come up and present.  Each member should contribute to presentation in some form or fashion.  Norms:  Be respectful to others presenting, aka no talking.  Actively engage in learning about the piece of art. PRESENTATIONS

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