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By: Karen Inkrot and Emily Zimmerman

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1 By: Karen Inkrot and Emily Zimmerman
The Water Cycle By: Karen Inkrot and Emily Zimmerman

2 Think About This! Why does it rain? Why does a puddle disappear?
Why does your cold drink sometimes appear to sweat?

3 What is the Water Cycle? Constant process of recycling water Steps
Movement of water between the earth’s surface and atmosphere Steps 1. evaporation 2. condensation 3. precipitation 4. collection Examples of water cycle in Ohio? Ohio River, Little Miami River, Maumee River

4 Step One: Evaporation Definition Process
Changing of liquid to gas Process What? Water from: plants, rivers, streams, puddles, lakes, oceans, surfaces How? Water takes in heat energy from the sun and changes into a gas Water vapor leaves and goes into the air


6 Step Two: Condensation
Definition Changing of a gas to liquid Process What? Water vapor How? Water vapor in the air cools Water vapor changes back to liquid in the form of tiny water droplets Water droplets then make clouds


8 Step Three: Precipitation
Definition Water that falls to the earth from the atmosphere Process What? Rain, snow, hail, sleet How? So much water has condensed—the air cannot hold anymore Clouds become heavy and water falls back to the earth as rain, snow, sleet, or hail Very cold air causes snow, sleet, or hail


10 Step Four: Collection Definition Process
Water that collects/soaks into the ground or other water sources Process When? Water falls to earth as precipitation Where does it go? Oceans, lakes, rivers OR Land as groundwater


12 Apply What You Have Learned


14 What Have You Learned? Get into groups of 2-3 CHALLENGE:
Think of a way to act out each step of the water cycle. *Each group will present their skit* Write down an example of the water cycle that occurs in your house, and explain each step and how it relates.

15 References Bernstein, Leonard, et al. Concepts and Challenges in Earth Science. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Globe Fearon, The Water Cycle DLTK. 13 Apr <

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