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Training for Proctors, Authenticators, Registration, and Help Desk.

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1 Training for Proctors, Authenticators, Registration, and Help Desk

2 The Site Supervisor is responsible for All Communication with NAPO / CEPA Informing Staff of Schedules and Responsibilities Training Staff for Registration, Help Desk, Proctoring, Authentication, etc. Preparation for Administration Monitoring all staff on exam day Packing and safe return of materials

3 Site Supervisor Registration Help Desk Proctor Authenticator Relief Proctor

4 English First Attempt Saturday, March 2 nd, 2013 English Second Attempt Saturday, May 4 th, 2013 CBT or PBT (dependent on venue) No Math! All dates are fixed. There may be additional, smaller administrations. Make-Up Exam Saturday, June 1 st, 2013

5 CEPA-English First shift Second shift Staff arrives 8:30 amStaff arrives 12:30 pm Begin registration 9:00 amBegin registration 1:00 pm Begin instructions 9:30 amBegin instructions 1:30 pm Begin English test 9:45 amBegin English test 1:45 pm Last late student 10:00 amLast late student 2:00 pm Students may leave 10:00 amStudents may leave 2:00 pm End English test 11:45 amEnd English test 3:45 pm

6 1. Check the photo and name of the student on the CEPA ticket. 2. Check the photo and name of the student on his passport or Emirates ID. (No photocopies accepted) 3. Check the student’s face. 4. If everything matches, scan the barcode on the CEPA ticket. Check to see if the correct name appears. If there are any problems, send the student to the Help Desk.

7  Bring this ticket and a passport or other ID  Results will be sent by SMS and via the NAPO portal  If you have special needs, please contact NAPO

8  Familiarize yourself with the troubleshooting guide in the Staff Duties and Responsibilities Guide.  Print CEPA tickets as needed.  If a student fails to bring a passport or Emirates ID, parents should be contacted and the ID brought before the exam is finished.  Contact the Site Supervisor if you experience any issues.

9 Each proctor will receive an exam pack. It will include:  Sign-In Sheet  20 Answer Sheets  20 Test Booklets  Misconduct Form  Assessment Irregularity Form  (Red/Yellow Misconduct Cards)  (Help! Sign)  Confidential Materials Envelope  Pencils, erasers, and pencil sharpeners Check to see that you have the phone number of the Site Supervisor and the relief proctor.

10 1. Distribute / Collect materials. 2. Check that mobile phones are off. 3. Play instructional video / read instructions. 4. Ensure that Sign-In Sheets are complete. 5. Check that students have bubbled in the version number and are answering on the answer sheets in pencil.


12 The sign-in sheet is the only way we can find students with computer crashes, damaged answer sheets, or incorrect ID #s.

13  Circulate during exam.  Write the time remaining on a white board periodically.  Do not allow students to leave before 10am (shift 1) or 2pm (shift 2).  If misconduct occurs, call the Site Supervisor.  At the end of the exam, count and pack bubble sheets and test booklets.

14 Please do not:  Open an unused exam booklet  Take any materials away from the exam  Allow students to leave before 10am / 2pm  Talk with colleagues during the exam  Help students with exam content  Place bubble sheets in exam booklets

15  Provide proctors with your phone number for emergencies.  Direct students into rooms.  Patrol hallways.  At least once during the exam, give each proctor a short break.  Be a witness should misconduct occur.

16 Look at the student. Look at his passport/Emirates ID. Look at the photo (if available) and name on the computer screen. 1. If all three match, authenticate! 2. If the name on the screen is wrong, fix the NAPO ID #. 3. If the student has a generic ID, write his name in the comment field.







23 Steps for dealing with misconduct: 1. Give student a warning (yellow card). 2. Call the relief proctor and Site Supervisor. 3. Document and collect evidence. 4. Give the student a red card. 5. Complete a Misconduct form.


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