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SLO Post-Assessment Administration Elementary May-June 2013.

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1 SLO Post-Assessment Administration Elementary May-June 2013

2  Read the Teacher’s Directions in its entirety prior to administering the test  Read directions at a moderate, steady pace  Adhere to testing time limits  Call time if all students complete the test early  Answer sheets: Students and Scorers No. 2 pencils Administration of the Test


4 Test accommodations administered must comply with what is documented in the student’s IEP or 504 plan Reminder to follow Scribing Protocols Students with Disabilities

5 Test Books  All tests must be placed in a secure location  Teachers cannot grade their own students’ tests Security Guidelines

6 Place “Do Not Disturb” sign on doors to prevent interruptions Completely cover or remove from the walls all charts and blank or completed graphic organizers pertinent to subject content Seat students so that each student will be clearly visible to the proctor at all times On the board, indicate starting and ending times for the test Prepare Your Classroom

7  Proctors must circulate periodically around the room  Ensure students are recording their responses in the proper manner and place  No additional time is to be provided to students to transfer answers from test books to answer sheets at the end of the session Proctoring

8  Grades K-2 Staff other than teacher of record will transfer answers onto the bubble sheets  All content areas  Grades 3-5 Only the student may transfer multiple- choice answers marked in their test book to the answer sheets Answer Sheets

9 Students should be under close supervision at all times Students should not enter testing room with any unauthorized materials Use of a cell phone and certain other electronic devices is not allowed Electronic devices for IEP’s and 504’s may be used Supervision of Students

10  Proctors should advise students to use their own best judgment  No one may review or comment on students’ answers while the test is in progress  Teachers may only assist students in the mechanics of taking the test such as understanding where to record their responses  No one may interpret or explain test questions to students Aid to Students

11  Student must be accompanied by a proctor for the duration of his or her absence from the testing room Temporary Absence from Testing Room or Evacuation

12  Defined as students obtaining information or giving information to other students  If suspected: Warn student- if necessary move the student to another location  If these steps fail- notify the principal immediately and terminate the students’ test  At the conclusion of the test, all suspected cheating must be reported to the principal Student Cheating

13 Scoring and Answer Sheet Guide For additional support please use the link below:

14 Please contact your building administrator with questions or concerns regarding the administration of the SLO Post-Assessments Thank you

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