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2 Mentee Quotes “My mentor had the wisdom to quickly figure out who I am and the guidance I needed. Even at a late stage in my career path, he gave me a window into how others see me, increased my confidence and sense of value to OP, and helped me clarify personal values I had never articulated.” – Patti Meagher, Communications ( ) ”The UCOP Mentorship Program provides for an excellent learning opportunity and can serve as a valuable asset in your career development plan.” - Cheryl Bennett, External Relations ( ) “The mentor program was invaluable to me. I gained a better understanding of UCOP dynamics, met some great new people and learned a ton from my mentor. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.” – Danielle McNamara – Education Partnerships ( ) “My Mentor provided me with the inspiration and motivation to achieve an unprecedented level of career development. I achieved 3 levels of trade level certification and completed a number of UC Learning Center class opportunities.” – Matthew Leet – Building & Administrative Services ( )

3 UCOP Mentorship Program Overview
Program Highlights 9-month volunteer program pairs experienced leaders and professionals across OP departments with career staff who seek to develop themselves professionally Supportive structure in which participants can cultivate contacts, explore challenges, and enhance effectiveness as they design their personal growth and career paths Provides the opportunity to gather information, develop peer support, learn more about management, and better understand the organizational culture of the Office of the President.

4 Benefits of the Mentorship Program
For the Office of the President Strengthen institutional culture Leverage talent across organization Increase “workplace satisfaction” of individuals involved in mentoring Uncover latent talent Increase communication within UCOP, particularly non-hierarchical pathways Positively impacts engagement and retention

5 Benefits of the Mentorship Program
For Mentors Transference of expertise; opportunities to translate values and strategies into actions Gain insights and alternative perspectives about other areas of the University Opportunity to practice coaching skills Increased support for the University’s missions and goals For Mentees Expansion of professional network Increased self-awareness and discipline Potential to accelerate development and growth Positive and constructive feedback on professional development issues

6 The Facts about the Program
The UCOP Mentorship Program IS a program that Allows successful individuals – mentors – to share wise counsel, knowledge, coaching, and advice with mentees Highlights mentors’ interpersonal skills Encourages mentees’ professional development The UCOP Mentorship Program is NOT An orientation program for new employees An automatic means for promotions A determination of level of performance (via acceptance into the program)

7 Participation in the Program
Mentors Well-respected, loyal advisors and coaches who are willing to share their experiences Experienced UCOP managers and professionals Employed at UC for at least 2 years, 1 year at UCOP (recommended) Mentees Apply to the program (target is mentees, depending on size of mentor pool) Career employees Employed at UC / UCOP for at least 1 year (recommended)

8 Timeline Overview for 2015 October August September
Mentee applications due August 7 Mentee selection Collect mentor resumes September Reception for mentees and mentors to meet and mingle and other orientation activities Mentees state preferences Pairings confirmed October Program begins

9 Support The Mentorship Program Team will provide day-to-day support for the program. Linda Klink Phone: Karen Arnold Phone Website:


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