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Boire Consulting’s Equity Research Mentoring Program Responding to a need.

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1 Boire Consulting’s Equity Research Mentoring Program Responding to a need

2  Unique equity research training  Comprehensive and in depth training to research, model and recommend an equity  Dedicated experienced market professional providing individual one on one support  Providing an edge to individuals launching or moving their career forward in the capital markets industry. Program Outline

3  Self-Motivated assisted format  Comprehensive step by step manual to provide structure  Unlimited email support  Two hours of dedicated one on one in person guidance/assistance.  Final presentation (1 Hour) – Stock Pitch  Program Length (Varies) – Approx. 3-4 months Program Structure

4  Differentiation or edge versus peers  Comprehensive and unique program designed to improve a targeted skill set  Unlimited support from experienced market professional during length of program  Tangible example to show prospective employers.  Access to broad connections within the Canadian capital markets. Program Benefits

5  Over a dozen successful years in the capital markets.  Value added portfolio manager with over 10 years experiencing managing up to $300M in AUM  Analyzed over five hundred of companies across all major sectors in Canada and USA  Successful entrepreneur assisting buy side clients with their current research needs.  Experienced mentor within each of my roles Shawn Boire (Mentor)

6  Security Selection  Research Sources  Competitive Advantage & Sustainability  Trend Analysis  Company Contact & Questioning  Modelling  Free cash flow  Financial Modeling  Valuation  Investment Thesis Program Content

7  Complete Program Costs  Currently at $200 for entire program  Additional support available at $40 per hour  Additional Services  Receive a 50% discount on listed prices  Interview preparation, interview research assignments, mock interviews, etc. Program Costs

8  Unique and comprehensive equity research training  Dedicated support of experienced market professional.  A unique and distinct edge to financial professionals who want to move forward in their careers. Boire Consulting’s Equity Research Mentoring Program

9  Shawn Boire (Founder & Principal at Boire Consulting)  Email:   LinkedIn:Shawn Boire  Please contact us for more details in regards to our equity research mentoring program or any other one of our services Contact Information

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