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Human Resources High Plains Library District.

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1 Human Resources High Plains Library District



4 Automate the pre-hire to retire lifecycle Create desk-ready new hires HPLD as employer of choice HPLD as a leader in operational practices Automate training coordination to OD and content development and delivery

5 Hosted externally Intuitive and easy to navigate. Ability to integrate with ADP Supports live, self-directed and 3 rd party courses Calendar that integrates with Outlook

6 Confirm HPLD’s commitment to Innovation and Learning Affirm HPLD’s position as a green company with cutting edge self-directed learning software Launch, manage, track and assess training Create, maintain and track employee learning Produce detailed training reports for each employee Automate and track Performance Management

7 Benefits HPLD Orientation DSS Departments HPLD Technology Intellectual Freedom Page Orientation Internet Policy Email etiquette MS Office 2007 Dress Code Self-Directed LearningInstructor-Led Training Patron Interview Reader’s Advisory PIC Training Databases Circulation Basics MSEC Classes Collection Resources HIP/Horizon

8 LearnCenter Enterprise Presentation










18 Product/ServiceYear One Learn Center Annual Service and Hosting Fee$8640 The LearnCenter Enterprise Includes: Learning Management (LMS) Performance/Talent Management Learning Content Management (LCMS) Unlimited use of integrated authoring tool. Up to 180 Active Users Annual LearnCenter Admin Support & Maintenance Included Set-up Implementation$9500 TOTAL INVESTMENT/Year One$18,140

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