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1 2015/16 INTRODUCTION TO THE SFE QUICK START GUIDES Instructions for Hosting and Sharing

2 2015/16 Why we developed this tool SECTION 1

3 2015/16 Student finance is a complicated subject and it is our responsibility to guide students and their families through the products and rules We now produce guidance in multiple formats to suit all needs and preferences – this includes resources for delivery partners to use face to face with students However we are obliged to adhere to the style rules set out by the Government Digital Service (GDS), and these rules state that the guidance on our main channel – Gov UK – must only be in text format But we are allowed to build content for sharing on other people’s channels Why we developed this tool

4 2015/16 What is it? SECTION 2

5 2015/16 SECTION 2 What is it? A new and improved series of integrated quick guides for new full-time SFE students and their parents/partners that can be accessed through multiple devices such as desktop, tablet & smartphone Consolidated content in one space with internal navigation to quickly access different sections of information Designed to look and behave like an app, containing engaging introductory content and links that can be shared through social media channels such as twitter and facebook, as well as being printer friendly

6 2015/16 Ensuring quality SECTION 3

7 2015/16 SECTION 3 Ensuring quality Browser Tested Safari Google Chrome Internet explorer (10,11) Amazon silk Device Tested iPad iPhone Kindle Fire windows phone macbook android phone Usability Tested Various exercises to determine: ease of use navigation using social media using external links Automated testing to assess: colour blind simulation mobile responsiveness contrast test plain English – readability Expert Tested manual usability evaluation accessibility audit

8 2015/16 Advantages of sharing the tool & how to do it SECTION 4

9 2015/16 Advantages Easy to digest high-level guidance containing the key messages about student finance, with links to more detailed information and resources Consistent, accurate information – no need to spend time researching and updating the information for your own website Centrally hosted and managed by SLC so the content is always up to date A button link pack has been created, which is code light, that will allow it to be easily embedded on your site without interfering with your content management system

10 SECTION 4 2015/16 How to do it The guide can be shared with you in the form of a small piece of code which can be applied to your own website. This code will display as a small ‘button’: The button will link to the guide which will display as a web page on a computer but it will look and behave like a self-contained ‘app’ when viewed on a hand held device. View the guide at

11 SECTION 4 2015/16 Additional Tools: Link Packs As well as the Quick start guide, a small number of link packs are also being developed - a small piece of code to allow you to publish a button on your site which will link directly to key resources for students, parents and teachers. The resources have been grouped by audience and include guides, films, factsheets and presentations. Get the link pack and instructions at ources/201516-resources


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