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Latin America Lesson Objectives:

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1 Latin America Lesson Objectives:
Identify Latin America’s main geographic regions Describe how physical features of Latin America affect people’s lives

2 Land and Water page 9 Key terms: Key Places: Plateau Isthmus Coral
Pampas Tributary Key Places: Mexico - USA’s southern neighbor Central America – several countries South America – Continent

3 Latin America Three Regions
Mexico and Central America Caribbean South America

4 Latin America Physical Features of Latin America
Section 1 – Land and Water Section 2 - Climate and Vegetation Section 3 - Natural Resources

5 Land of Latin America Mexico & Central America p.4
2,500 miles long Mountains in most of the region Narrow coastal areas (or plains along the ocean) More than 12 active Volcanoes Central America– Isthmus Body of land surrounded by water on two sides and Joins two larger bodies of land – may be large or small See Nova Scotia from earlier study

6 Land of South America Andes Mountains
4,500 miles long 20,000feet in height Many but not all) East of the Andes = Rolling highlands Southern area = Pampas – like Great Plains of USA

7 Rivers of Latin America
The Amazon River “Ocean River” 4,000 miles (6,437 km) 450 miles into Atlantic Ocean = fresh water 1,000 tributaries Drain 2 million square miles of area

8 Rivers of Latin America
Rio de la Plata river system: Parana` Paraguay Uruguay Separate Argentina and Uruguay Venezuela = Orinoco River & Lake Maracaibo Peru = Lake Titicaca – highest navigable lake in world

9 Land and Water of Latin America
Homework: 1. Write Definitions (p.13) 2. Ignore 3. Describe the major landforms of Latin America 4. How do physical features of Latin America affect the people who live there? – Give one example

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