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Better Writing. Better Outcomes. First Day of Class Introduction.

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1 Better Writing. Better Outcomes. First Day of Class Introduction

2  Required for this course  Write Experience: Technology that utilizes artificial intelligence to score writing instantly and accurately and also provide you with detailed revision goals and feedback on writing to help you improve!  The same artificial intelligence used to score the Graduate Management Admissions Test ® (GMAT ®) analytical writing assessment

3  Write Experience provides you:  A set of course specific writing assignments  Guidance while you’re writing—it’s like having a tutor with you all the time!  Instant feedback & Revision Plans  A full eBook

4 1. Go to Bookmark this site as you’ll come here each time to log in!

5 2. Register using the ACCESS CODE from your card. This card is bundled with your textbook. If you do not have a Write Experience Access Code, you may purchase instant access at

6 3. Create a new account. If you already have a CengageBrain account, you can skip this step and the next 3 steps by logging in.

7 4. Create your account and “agree” to the license agreement. Be sure to record your email address and password as you will need it to log in each time.

8 5. Search for your institution. It is easiest to search by zip code.

9 6. Select your institution then click “Continue.”

10 7. You are now set up with your CengageBrain home page. You can access Write Experience and the eBook from this page by clicking on “OPEN.” Ensure your pop-up blocker is enabled as Write Experience and the eBook will open in new windows.

11 8. “OPEN” Write Experience. You will immediately be promoted to enter your COURSE KEY. Your instructor will provide you with this course key as it is unique for each course. You must enter this course code in order to enroll in your course.

12 Congratulations! You’re now ready to use Write Experience!

13 Getting Started:  Your writing assignments can be found under the “Assignments” tab.  Click on “Start” to begin an assignment.

14  The assignment instructions will appear in a new window. When you are ready to begin, click “Start Your Assignment.”

15  What you will find in Write Experience—key features to help you improve your writing and succeed!  MYTutor  MYEditor  Writer’s Toolbox  Performance Report  Revision Goals

16  Compose your assignment in “My Writing Space”

17  MYTutor provides real-time guidance as you write. This feedback is updated as you edit your writing— it’s like having a writing tutor with you all the time!

18  MYEditor provides the opportunity to evaluate the mechanics of your writing in your native language!

19  Writer’s Toolbox provides you access to the Rubric, Writer’s Models & More!

20  After submitting your assignment, you’ll get your Performance Report & Revision Goals.  The Performance Report provides you with a holistic score for your writing as well as a graphical representation of your score by rubric domain.

21  The Revision Goals provide you with guidelines for improving your writing based on your current score – it also provides model documents to compare your work and help you improve!

22 Technical Support is available online or by phone when you need it!  Online:  Phone: 1-800-354-9706

23 Thank you for your attention! Good luck!

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