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Chapter 14 & 15 Conceptual & Logical Database Design Methodology

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1 Chapter 14 & 15 Conceptual & Logical Database Design Methodology
Definition Conceptual database design Relational database - logical design Relational database - physical design Relational database - operation Example

2 Definition Design methodology Conceptual database design
Structured design approach using procedures, techniques, tools and documentation aids Conceptual database design Constructing an information model, independent from all physical consideration for an enterprise Logical database design Building an organization database based on a specific data model Physical database design Implementing a database using specific data storage structure(s) and access methods

3 Conceptual Database Design
Entities Relationships Attributes (simple, no composite, no derived) Attribute domains Primary and candidate key attributes Minimal set of attributes Less change Uniqueness in the future Fewest characters Easy to use by users

4 Relational Database - Logical Design
Draw ER model Review Always binary with1 to many relationship No complex relationship No redundant relationship No recursive relationship No relationship with attribute(s)

5 Relational Database - Logical Design
Normalize relations Primary key Foreign key BCNF Add constraints Domain & enterprise Inter & referential Intra Entity legal

6 Relational Database - Logical Design
Review Organization current & future needs All user current & future requirements Normalization(Boyce-Codd) Relationship (one-to-one or one-to-many) Redundancy Constraints User approval Document

7 Relational Database - Logical Design
Mapping logical database to DBMS Base relations Integrity Rules Referential integrity (delete & update) No action Cascade Set null Set default No check

8 Relational Database - Physical Design
Implementing physical representation Analysis transactions File organization Indexes Disk space Security Policy & procedure User view Access rules Tansmission

9 Relational Database - Operation
Monitoring & tuning User requirements Organization requirements Performance

10 Assignment Review chapters 5-6, 11-15, 24-26 Read chapters 16-17
Work on group project Normalized database due date:

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