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Career Exploration Using the Internet Discussion Session #10 Jen Alexander.

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1 Career Exploration Using the Internet Discussion Session #10 Jen Alexander

2 From finding a Career Path… …to finding a job in the area you’ve chosen… The internet is the BEST resource available to you!

3 Let’s Look at Sites You Know! Sites You Know

4 Let’s Check out some other sites you probably already know about! Undergraduate Career Services

5 Here are some sites you might not know about!

6 Beware of Fees! Never pay for employment information, there are a number of resources like we looked at with FREE information!

7 Remember…opportunities are everywhere… Even if they aren’t advertised! Less than 15% of all job openings are ever listed! About 90% of all job seekers ask for consideration for about 15% of available jobs.

8 Improve YOUR Chances! Using the internet to find jobs in the “hidden job market” will improve your chances of finding the perfect opportunity for you! An estimated 85% of all available job openings are part of the “hidden job market” at any given time.

9 The WWW Brings it all Together! Utilizing the many available resources online will help you in your job search! The internet has become a place where “job providers” and “job seekers” meet in a HELP-WANTED and JOB-WANTED forum…so take advantage of the many sites offering their services!

10 Using the Web to Make Contacts! Using the sources we’ve discussed will help bring you and your dream job together! Use the web to find the perfect set of contacts to get you the job YOU want!

11 Don’t forget Company Websites! This resource is often overlooked, but can lead you to job openings that aren’t otherwise posted! Companies many times don’t put a blinking light over the employment section of their site, so nose around a little until you find what you’re looking for!


13 Don’t Limit Yourself! Perform good research on many different websites to find the job you are looking for!

14 Ask For Help if Needed! While still in school, if you find this process confusing or frustrating, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Instructors, and other professionals can help answer your questions as well as provide you with ideas for job search online!

15 Don’t Give Up! Keep looking! Using the skills you’ll learn from X420, combined with the many resources available to you online, you will succeed in finding the job that is right for you!

16 Evaluation Questions Use: A.Strongly agree B.Agree C.Disagree D.Strongly disagree E.Don’t know 1.I found the presentation of material easy to understand. 2.This Advantage session increased my knowledge on the subject presented. 3.I will be able to use some of the information from this Advantage session in the future. 4.The presenter was well prepared for this Advantage session. 5.This presentation should be repeated in future semesters.

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