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Darren Strange Head of Environmental Sustainability Microsoft Ltd.

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1 Darren Strange Head of Environmental Sustainability Microsoft Ltd

2 “ Enterprise PCs are wasting money. Far too many organizations leave economic and environmental value on the table by not reducing PC-related energy costs.” Forrester, December 2008 “ Green IT has reached critical mass. Virtually all the companies we surveyed (97 percent) are discussing their Green strategy.” Symantec, May 2009 “ Transformation in the way people and businesses use technology could reduce annual man-made global emissions by 15 per cent by 2020 and deliver energy efficiency savings to global businesses of over EUR 500 billion [GBP 400 billion/USD 800 billion].” The Climate Group, June 2008 “ IT's role will increasingly be about applying the technology to create more- energy-efficient, less- carbon-intensive business models, enterprises, value chains, products and services with reduced environmental impact.” Gartner, April 2009

3 MANAGING energy and environmental footprint RETHINKING business practices REDUCING energy demands …while improving the bottom line

4 Business is challenged to…Microsoft offers…

5 Reduce overall power consumption Provide better tools for IT to manage power consumption Enhance experience for mobile users Gain power savings of up to 10% over earlier operating system versions on the same workload Centralize client/server power management with Group Policy “Power management software can reduce a PC’s power consumption by 80 percent, allowing companies to save between $25 - $75 per desktop PC.” PC Energy Report 2007: United States, 1E

6 Gain multiple virtual servers for the energy/power cost of one physical server 12% utilization 3% utilization 6% utilization11% utilization 7% utilization 18% utilization 3% utilization 5% utilization13% utilization 2% utilization 80% utilization “The effective use of virtualization can reduce server energy consumption by up to 82% and floor space by 85%.” Gartner, Inc., November 2008

7 Simplify planning process for operating system migrations Gather performance metrics from computers being considered for virtualization Determine servers that can be de-commissioned Use top 10 business practices for environmentally sustainable data centers to: Reduce energy consumption, waste, and costs Increase efficiency and return on investment (ROI)

8 Microsoft offers… Business is challenged to…

9 Optimize resources and reduce energy consumption with Group Policy management and centralized reporting/control Use centralized software to manage: Both physical and virtual environments Across data centers, desktops, and devices OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Find “unused” servers by monitoring performance over time VIRTUAL MACHINE MANAGEMENT Consolidate and virtualize CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT Enable power profiles; access compliance reporting, asset information CAPACITY PLANNING Right-size your hardware

10 Streamline data collection for key environmental performance indicators:  Direct energy consumption  Indirect energy consumption  Greenhouse gas emissions from the total energy consumption  Greenhouse gas emissions from standard business practices Analyze status of environmental sustainability initiatives Share performance broadly across the organization

11 Microsoft offers… Business is challenged to…

12 Replace travel and commuting for meetings or training with Web/ videoconferencing Support tele- and remote workers with portals, social computing, and document workspaces “... if a significant number of people worked from home more than three days a week, this could lead to energy savings of 20-50%...” The Climate Group, 2008

13 Take paper-based processes online Increase efficiency of data gathering Deliver messaging, collaboration, and business process capabilities with online services Manage notes electronically rather than with paper

14 Reduce data center workload/energy consumption with cloud services Maximize efficiency and sustainability with one of the world’s top data center operators

15  Unified communications  Collaboration  Electronic forms  Digital note-taking  Online services  Centralized systems management  Business intelligence  Dashboards  Custom scorecards  Desktop power management  Server power management  Virtualization MANAGING energy and environmental footprint RETHINKING business practices REDUCING energy demands

16 Commitment to software and technology innovations to help reduce environmental impact Comprehensive approach to help you: Reduce IT energy demands while lowering costs Manage energy and environmental footprint with a centralized view of energy consumption Rethink business practices to reduce travel, reduce paper use, and improve efficiency


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