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Course 2150A: Designing a Secure Microsoft Windows 2000 Network.

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1 Course 2150A: Designing a Secure Microsoft Windows 2000 Network

2 Introduction Name Company Affiliation Title/Function Job Responsibility Networking Experience Windows 2000 Experience Expectations for the Course

3 Course Materials Name Card Student Workbook Student Materials Compact Disc Course Evaluation

4 Prerequisites Working knowledge of Windows 2000 Directory Services Completion of course 1560B, Upgrading Support Skills from Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 to Microsoft Windows 2000, or Completion of course 2154A, Implementing and Administering Windows 2000 Directory Services, or Equivalent knowledge

5 Course Outline Introduction Module 1: Assessing Security Risks Module 2: Introducing Windows 2000 Security

6 Course Outline (continued) Unit 1: Providing Secure Access to the Local Network Module 3: Planning Administrative Access Module 4: Planning User Accounts Module 5: Securing Windows 2000–based Computers Module 6: Securing File and Print Resources Module 7: Securing Communication Channels Module 8: Providing Secure Access to Non-Microsoft Clients

7 Course Outline (continued) Unit 2: Providing Secure Access to Remote Users and Remote Offices Module 9: Providing Secure Access to Remote Users Module 10: Providing Secure Access to Remote Offices

8 Course Outline (continued) Unit 3: Providing Secure Access Between Private and Public Networks Module 11: Providing Secure Network Access to Internet Users Module 12: Providing Secure Internet Access to Network Users

9 Course Outline (continued) Unit 4: Providing Secure Access to Partners Module 13: Extending the Network to Partner Organizations Module 14: Designing a Public Key Infrastructure Summary Module 15: Developing a Security Plan

10 Microsoft Official Curriculum Microsoft Windows Operating Systems Microsoft Office Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Exchange Microsoft BackOffice Server Infrastructure and Solutions Microsoft FrontPage Microsoft Systems Management Server Knowledge Management Solutions

11 Microsoft Certified Professional Program Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) Microsoft Certified Professional + Site Building (MCP + Site Building) Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)

12 Facilities Building Hours Parking Rest Rooms Meals Phones Messages Smoking Recycling Class Hours

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