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Click to add text Safe Sex Morgantown Proposal By: Jennifer S. Martina F.

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1 Click to add text Safe Sex Morgantown Proposal By: Jennifer S. Martina F.

2 Overview Based on Morgantown and national statistics, we will propose: Free condom distribution program for Morgantown Awareness-raising program regarding pregnancy and STD costs

3 © Copyright 2007 West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources Figure 1. Costs of Teen Childbearing in WV

4 Background Teen childbearing cost over $9.1 billion in 2004. New STD cases in people aged 15-24 cost over $6.5 billion yearly. Monongalia county has some of the highest teen pregnancy and STD rates in West Virginia. The average Morgantown resident is only 23 years old, not including West Virginia University students. The median household income in Morgantown is only $20,649.

5 Background, cont’d Poverty is one of the top reasons people do not use condoms, which are proven to prevent pregnancy and STDs. Poverty is the biggest reason that pregnant women do not receive enough prenatal care. Children of young mothers are more likely to: be imprisoned abuse drugs or alcohol drop out of school join a gang become an early parent themselves

6 Background, cont’d NYC free condom program 100 different night clubs and stores 1.5 million free condoms monthly 4 cents per condom Figure 2. NYC Condom © Copyright 2007 New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

7 The Mountie Distributed in local businesses/schools Free to anyone Promotional posters to raise awareness Figure 3. Possible Mountie Condom

8 Figure 4. Possible Poster Ideas

9 Young people approved If there were a free condom distribution program in Morgantown, would you make use of it? Figure 5. Survey Results

10 Whether you would use it or not, do you think that such a Program is a good idea? Figure 6. Survey Results Young people approved

11 “I'd be much more likely to [get condoms] in bars/clubs/etc. than some county office. It'd be more convenient and less awkward.” “If I was interested in someone I had just met, I would always want to be protected.” “I think that program could be a great opportunity for awareness as well as promoting healthy sexual choices.”

12 Cost Analysis $5000 per year = 125,000 condoms $800 = 100 posters $5800 total project cost Proportional Monthly Condom Distribution NYCMorgantown 1.5 million condoms9,736 condoms 8,143,198 people52,860 people

13 Cost Analysis, cont’d ProjectYearly Costs City Hall Copier/Phone$ 54,935 Neighborhood Beautification $ 44,303 Sunnyside Up$ 200,000 Neighborhood Signs$ 32,482 The Mountie$ < 5800 Figure 7. Cost Comparisons with Other Morgantown Projects

14 Myths “Condoms are easy to obtain.” “Giving away condoms will make young people have sex.” “Condoms aren’t very effective.”

15 Conclusion The Mountie will: Improve Morgantown’s image Cost less than teen pregnancies and health costs associated with STDs Improve the health of Morgantown’s people, especially its youth

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