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North American Electricity Markets APEX Paris, France October 15-16, 2007 Kenneth Laughlin, PJM.

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1 North American Electricity Markets APEX Paris, France October 15-16, 2007 Kenneth Laughlin, PJM

2 North American Wholesale Electricity Markets

3 AESO Peak Load 9661 MW, November 2006 Postage Stamp Transmission Pricing Some transmission congestion beginning to be experienced C$5 billion in new transmission upgrades by 2016 Full Retail Access Regulated Rate Option available to small consumers Energy Only Market No plans to implement capacity market Separate market for ancillary services

4 California ISO Peak Load 50,270 MWs Zonal energy market with redispatch to manage congestion within zones Comprehensive market redesign in progress – expect to move to nodal pricing in March 2008 Resource adequacy requirement on load serving entities to demonstrate 115% of load can be met; capacity markets under discussion, decision expected in 2008.

5 ERCOT Peak Load 62,339 MWs 85% of Texas; Not subject to FERC other than reliability provisions of 2005 Energy Policy Act; 5 DC Ties 38,000 miles of Transmission Firm Transmission (PTP only) 71,800+ MW of Generation Centralized registry for 6 million retail choice customers Nodal pricing in 2009 Energy only

6 ISO New England Peak Load 28,000 MW Implemented nodal pricing in 2003 Implemented wholesale markets in 1999 Locational Forward and real-time reserve markets New forward capacity market auction in February 2008 for capacity in June 2010 Major new transmission projects completed or under construction

7 MISO RTO Peak load 129,647 MWs set July 21, 2007 Market opened 1 April 2005 Full nodal real time and day-ahead energy markets Territory encompasses fifteen states and one Canadian province Simultaneously co-optimised energy & ancillary services markets under development No capacity market envisioned

8 NBSO Peak Load 3,187 MW Postage Stamp Transmission Pricing - no significant transmission constraints Physical Bi-Lateral Market - Wholesale & Industrial Retail Participation - Resource Adequacy Requirement on Load Serving - Entities - Single Node Energy Imbalance Market Demand Response Under Development

9 New York ISO ♦Energy: Real-Time and Day-Ahead full nodal ♦Ancillary Services: RT and DA ♦Co-optimized with energy in both RT and DA ♦Spinning and non-spinning reserves with scarcity pricing ♦Regulation ♦Installed Capacity (ICAP) – locational markets ♦Transmission Congestion Contracts (TCCs) ♦Virtual trading for both supply and demand ♦Demand Side Resources may participate in the energy and capacity markets (ancillary services under development)

10 Ontario Market Operator Peak Load 27,000 MWs 5 minute wholesale spot market, single market clearing price Design of future Day-Ahead Market currently being discussed with stakeholders Development of new generation underway via centralized contracting to allow the shutdown of all coal plants by 2014

11 PJM Peak load 145,000 MWs Full nodal markets (real time and day-ahead) Integrated five additional companies into market area between 2002 and 2006. Implemented a locational capacity market in 2007 August 2007 monthly billing > $ 4,000,000,000

12 SPP Peak Load 43,346 MW, August 2007 Full nodal energy imbalance energy market operational in February 2007 Transmission Services market No retail open access in footprint

13 Peak LoadNodal pricing Retail Markets Capacity market AESO 9661 NoYesNo California ISO 50,270 2008No under discussion ERCOT62,400 2009 YesNo ISO-NE28,0002003YesYes. (locational in 2008) MISO129,6472005PartialNo NYISO34,0001999YesYes. And additional forward markets under discussion. NBSO3,187NoPartial No Ontario Market Operator IESO 27,000NoYesFuture PJM145,0001998YesYes (locational). SPP43,3462007No Future

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