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Admissions Process Marketing Branding Sanford-Brown College: David Kagan YogAsylum: Pamela Bliss.

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1 Admissions Process Marketing Branding Sanford-Brown College: David Kagan YogAsylum: Pamela Bliss

2 Sanford-Brown College Milwaukee Campus Allied Health: Radiography/Sonography/CVT 1300 students annually Accrediting agencies: ACICS, WEAB with programmatic accreditations: JCERT/ABHES Career Education Corporation (CEC) Le Cordon Blue, Brown College, Colorado Technical University, AIU, IADT and International

3 We are an internationally recognized GREEN studio. Known as the largest and most state-of-the-art facility of its kind in the state of Wisconsin. Proudly provides one of the worlds most comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training Schools. Studio offers drop-in classes seven days a week. Conscious community and resource center. Offering concerts, kirtans, lectures, workshops, and host to authors on book tours.

4 Meets or Exceeds the Certification Standards of Travel Green Wisconsin Total Certified Points = 82 November 30, 2007 Travel Green Wisconsin Checklist Summary Basic Requirements 5 Points in Section A: Communication & Education 82 Points Scored (30 Points Required) 16 – Section A: Communication & Education 9 – Section B: Waste Reduction, Reuse & Recycling 25 – Section C: Energy Efficiency, Conservation, and Management 9 – Section D: Water Conservation and Wastewater Management 5 – Section E: Air Quality 0 – Section F: Wildlife and Landscape Conservation and Management 2 – Section G: Transportation 9 – Section H: Purchasing 7 – Section I: Local Community Benefits Checklist Highlights / Innovative Best Practices * Founding Business Member of the Green Yoga Association * Earth friendly mat wash used to clean mat rentals between use and only PVC-Free mats are sold * The first and only studio in Wisconsin participating in the 100% level of WE Energies Energy for Tomorrow * Host site for workshops that promote awareness of environmental issues and renewable energy alternatives * Eco-friendly environment with sustainable design and construction. Travel Green Wisconsin is a voluntary program that reviews, certifies, and recognizes tourism businesses that have made a commitment to reduce their environmental impact.

5 BRANDING The first and most frequent element through which a person interacts with an organization is its identity – its logo, colors, printed and web materials, signage and other physical environments. A well-designed, consistent visual identity is one of the most important things we can do to establish your brand, and differentiate yourselves from your competitors.

6 Brand Recognition




10 Having a great logo isnt enough – rather, the effectiveness of an identity system is largely determined by correct and consistent usage of its core elements. The goal is for every stakeholder – students and their parents; faculty, staff and all employees; industry professionals; consumers and more – to have a consistent experience with the Sanford-Brown identity, every point at which it touches their lives.

11 Empower everyone employed to be a strong brand ambassador. Bring your brand to life through a range of well planned, well executed marketing activities, and make sure the overall messages are consistent, clear and relevant to your target audience. The most important asset at any school is its people. They interact every day with colleagues, customers, suppliers, competitors and industry experts to name a few. They also interact with an impressive number of people totally disconnected to your school in the form of family members, friends, former colleagues and many others. Hence they serve as the schools most important brand ambassadors, as the word-of-mouth can be extremely valuable and have a great impact on the overall image of your schools brand image.

12 Marketing $1,000,000 annual budget Television Commercials Newspaper/Print Internet search engines Internal/external web sites National ad campaigns Call centers Community events $600 monthly budget Grass roots marketing News letters Flyers Word of mouth Referrals Social networks (facebook, twitter, ect) Create a strong market awareness through advertising medias and develop strong community ties, using college fairs, high school programs, as well as memberships with professional organizations like the Better Business Bureau, Career College Association, Chamber of Commerce, EAB, regional and national accreditors.

13 Admissions Process Regulatory and Compliance Processes Enrollment Agreements Leads Enrollment Applications Contacts Cancellation privileges Interviews Title IV Funding Tours Don'ts and Dos enrollment forms Disclosure forms Tuition Planning FERPA Stitch-in Scripts New Student Orientation

14 Q & A Questions? Examples Handouts

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