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Movement of People… Slaves

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1 Movement of People… Slaves

2 Movement of peoples What factors affected the movement of people from 1750 to 1918? The major movements of people were slavery, transportation and migration. What is Slavery? Slavery has been around since early history and the slaves were usually captured during war. Some societies allowed debt slavery where individuals would work for someone without wages to pay off a debt. From the 16th to 19th century around 12 million slaves were moved from Africa to North and South America by the Europeans. This is known as the triangular trade.

3 Interesting Facts The Slave Trade, 1650-1860.
1619 – Fist African Slave brought to the American colony of Virginia. 1806 – The importation of African slaves to USA banned The triangular trade between Europe, the Americas and Africa was very profitable. Ships left Europe loaded with manufactured goods, which were traded for slaves in West Africa. After the slaves were delivered to the Americas, the ships returned to Europe loaded with commodities such as cotton and sugar.

4 Interesting Facts Majority of slaves brought to North America worked on southern plantations and farms. Accommodated in simple huts and had minimal comforts. Men worked long hours in the tobacco or cotton fields. Women slaves were more likely to work in the house – some tended animal and vegetable patches (which was a privilege). They were also often at the mercy of male members of the household. Slaves that tried to escape were severely punished. Whipping was common for those that were caught Repeat offenders could have their teeth filed into points so that it was obvious to all that they were troublesome.

5 Interesting Facts There were also slaves that worked in towns, working as house servants, messengers, labourers, coach drivers and blacksmiths. By 1800 slavery had been abolished in all of the northern states. The Caribbean was an area particularly profitable for sugar cane – this led to the demand for slave labour to maintain the supply of sugar, as well as tobacco.

6 How did movement of peoples affect the lives of slaves?
What were troublesome slaves given to calm them down before being sold? The American Declaration of Independence states that ‘all men are created equal’. Is it possible for slavery to exist in a society that recognises this? What was the major product slave labour produced in the southern USA? How does Source 3.14 support the suggestion that slavery was a dehumanising experience? How did people make money from the Triangular Trade?

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