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Mobile Application Report Mohammed Nasser 20900531.

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1 Mobile Application Report Mohammed Nasser 20900531

2 Viva Bahrain Established March 2010 “Develop strong relationships with customers by offering superior customer experience” Support over Twitter, Live Chat on Website.

3 Key Performance Indicators Viva Bahrain Mobile Marketing KPI’s Business Objective GoalKPIKPI Target Unique Visits (Website) Increase unique visits Monthly Unique Visitors 1000 Unique Visits monthly Mobile Payment (Website and App) Increase amount of bill payments by mobile Monthly bill payments using mobile 10% of monthly bill payments App Downloads (App) Increase amount of App download Monthly Downloads numbers 350 downloads per month Effective Marketing (Website and App) Build Customer Data base Monthly new registrations to website and app 500 per month

4 Key Performance Indicators Segmented KPI Segmented KPI: Website Unique Visits source Total visits goal = 1000ResultPercent Paid Search Organic Search SMS Online Ads Direct

5 Target Market Living in Bahrain Age 21+ Already Viva Customer or Potential new customers

6 The Product The Current Website: The desktop website Hard to navigate Hard to find information Slow loading time Need to zoom in and out to read Not User friendly

7 The Product The Mobile Optimized Website: Simplified Desktop Version Removing unnecessary information from home page Easy Navigation Big Icons Auto-Fit to screen Light for Faster loading time

8 The Product E-Payment: Paying through the phone Faster No waiting Lines

9 The Product Store Locator: Finding Branches close using Maps Navigation Time the store open Make it easy for potential customer to find store

10 Competition

11 Lean Start-Up BETA Testing: 15-20 People fit the Target Market Test the App before releasing Completing tasks Getting feedback Change and improve accordingly

12 Promotion Strategy SMS

13 Offline Promotion Flyers Billboards

14 Conclusion

15 Questions?

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