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LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Presented by: Ranjani R (2011261028)

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1 LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Presented by: Ranjani R (2011261028)

2 What is ‘LMS’? A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of e-learning education courses or training programs. LMSs range from systems for managing training and educational records to software for distributing online or blended/hybrid college courses over the Internet with features for online collaboration.

3 What is this about? LMS is used to manage online content and administer distance learning processes. LMS allows us to create and support an unlimited number of online learning courses that can be accessed by students from all over the world. Online quizzes; Course documents repository; Drop box and mailbox; Embedded forum and chat; Multilanguage interface and much more.

4 StudentLocal Admin User Roles and Interfaces Administrator Teacher

5 User Roles and Interfaces Admin: a person responsible for general system, teacher Administration and course settings. Teacher: a person responsible for creating and administering Topics and Lessons for Courses, managing the whole learning process. Students :a learner enrolled into one or several courses.

6 Main Interface

7 Mail Inbox Student has mail Inbox System where they can communicate with their teachers of the particular courses and can Clear Doubts and queries.

8 Student Interface The Students interface is intended for Students participating in the specific course. Each Courses have different Topics and each Topics will have different Chapters. Student can check his/her Progress in the process of learning on the Course Home page

9 View Lessons Each Chapters is provided with different Study materials(Lessons), Video Files, Flash Presentations, Exercises,MCQ,Questions and downloadable Documents.

10 Feedback Feedback form is provided for the Student to communicate with the Administrator.

11 Admin Interface The Admin area is intended for customizing and modifying general and layout settings of the main LMS areas: Teacher, Student and local Admin. The Administrator of the System can perform operations on. Users management Administrator Course management General configuration

12 Admin interface – Home screen

13 Admin Interface -Student master When the Students is been is registered the Course and the Corresponding Batch is been Selected and Only that Course and the topics for the Course will be Seen to the Student when Logins.

14 Admin Interface - Batch master The batch for each Course is been Created in the batch master where the Start date and the End date for each Course and The Seat Limit is been Specified.

15 Admin Interface Create Courses Through Course Master Create Batch from Batch Master After User Creation assign the Course and Batch No Course Group Assign Topics to each course Assign Teachers to each course Create Batch for each Group Assign Students to each Batch At the Registration Time

16 Student Registration: Students are registered to either by the teacher/system administrator or, if enabled, by self-registration from their desktop. Course Registration: The system administrator has the ability to assign students to courses in the system. Courses are either “open”, where all students are eligible to participate, or as “restricted”, where students are enrolled by a system administrator. Attendance List: The instructor, as well as the students, has access to an attendance list, which details the names of all students attending the class. Reports: It offers a variety of reports such as attendance, tests scores, and other information that enable both the instructor and the students to get a clear picture of class and individual student progress. General Features of LMS

17 Unique features of today’s LMS Video BW: Video supports MPEG4 and H.264 standards with scalable bandwidth from 28Kbps to 3Mbps. Video Control by Instructor: The instructor has full control over the video and can synchronize all students’ PCs to the same video size, as well as disable the ability of the students to change the video size. Course video stream, can be sent in both High, and Low, video bit rates. Full Duplex Voice Interaction: Voice is provided in full-duplex enabling clear and uninterrupted communication between the teacher and the students. -It now also allows the instructor to connect any student in the class for a VoIP conversation. -When the student is connected, the student’s voice is broadcast to all students in the class.

18 Unique features of today’s LMS Immediate Anonymous Feedback: -It allows the instructor to request instantaneous anonymous (yes/no) feedback from the students at any time during the lesson. Raise Hand: Students can raise a "virtual hand" by clicking a "raise hand" icon on their PC, to ask for permission to speak to the instructor. -The raise hand option also provides a window for a text question to be typed and sent to the instructor. -Only when given permission to speak, the student can speak. White Board Text Chat Email

19 LMS Application Its Application includes, Teacher and Student Administration e-learning Programs and Training Contents Courses and Online Events Internal Communication System(Built in Mail) Documentation Tracking and Reporting of the e-learning programs Forums to interact between the Students and Teacher Support Portability and Standards Display scores and transcripts

20 Thank You

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