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France Under Louis XIV Age of Absolutism WH.C6.PO1.

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1 France Under Louis XIV Age of Absolutism WH.C6.PO1

2 Louis XIV Absolute monarch in the late 1600s
Threw elaborate parties – “to give the people pleasure” Pageants, sports, dances, plays, and music Just 100 years earlier: France was being torn apart by religious wars WH.C6.PO1

3 Rebuilding France Religious Wars between Huguenots (French Protestants) and the Catholic majority St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre 3,000 Huguenots slaughtered Symbolized the break down of order in France. Huguenot Cross WH.C6.PO1

4 Henry IV 1589, Huguenot prince became King of France
Ruling a majority Catholic nation would be difficult so he convert to Catholicism Issued the Edict of Nantes in 1598 Granted religious toleration to Huguenots Laid the grounds for absolute rule by: Building a royal bureaucracy Reducing the influence of the nobles WH.C6.PO1

5 Richelieu Henry IV was killed by as assassin in 1610
His 9 year old son, Louis XIII, inherited the throne Cardinal Armand Richelieu appointed as chief minister Richelieu set out strengthening the central government Goals was to destroy Huguenots and Nobles WH.C6.PO1

6 Richelieu Huguenots Nobles
Smashed the walls of their cities Outlawed their armies Nobles Destroyed their fortified castles Tied the nobles to the King by given them high posts at court or in the Royal Army WH.C6.PO1

7 Louis XIV Cardinal Richelieu died just before Louis XIV (at five years old) inherited the throne. Appointed a new advisor before his death that continued to extend royal power. WH.C6.PO1

8 Louis XIV, the Sun King Rebellion swept France after Louis XIV took the throne. Nobles, merchants, peasants and urban poor all for their own reasons Even drove the King from the palace 1661, Cardinal advisor died and Louis XIV took the reigns of government. WH.C6.PO1

9 “L’etat, c’est moi” His grandfather was Philip II of Spain
Louis XIV believed in divine right Chose the sun as the symbol of his power As the Sun is the center of the universe, the Sun king stands in the center of the Nation (France) WH.C6.PO1

10 Estates General Medieval council made up of representatives of all the social classes in France First Estate: clergy Second Estate: nobility Third Estate: commoners Did not meet during the reign of Louis XIV Not from 1614 to 1789 Estates General played no part in checking royal power! ( Unlike in England) WH.C6.PO1

11 Strengthening Royal Power
Louis followed the policies of Richelieu Appointed intendants (royal officials) to Collect taxes Recruit soldiers Carry out his policies Jobs went to wealthy middle-class men Cemented the relationship between middle class and the monarchy Military became largest in Europe Used at home and abroad WH.C6.PO1

12 The Economy Finance minister, Colbert, followed mercantilist policies:
Encouraged domestic industries Tariffs on imported goods Encouraged overseas colonies France became the wealthiest state in Europe Louis XIV was always short of money Cost of his royal court and many wars! WH.C6.PO1

13 Versailles WH.C6.PO1

14 Versailles Royal hunting lodge turned into immense palace
Became the perfect symbol of the Sun King’s wealth Became the king’s home and seat of government Housed 10,000 people Nobles, officials, and servants WH.C6.PO1

15 Court Ceremonies Levée, or rising Served a serious purpose
Nobles served the king in his daily task of dressing/undressing Served a serious purpose Turned nobles into courtiers angling for privileges rather than battling for power Protected the nobles prestige and left them free from taxes! WH.C6.PO1

16 Cultural Flowering Age of Louis XIV was classical age for French culture – drama, art, music, decorative arts…. Louis set up French academies for the sciences and arts. WH.C6.PO1

17 Successes and Failures
Louis XIV ruled France for 72 years, longer than any other monarch French culture, manners, and customs replaced those of Renaissance Italy. Failures: Wars Persecution of Huguenots WH.C6.PO1

18 Wars of Louis XIV Spent money to expand the borders of France
Dutch and English worked together to maintain the balance of power in Europe War of Spanish Succession: Louis’s grandson inherited throne of Spain Wanted to unite the two kingdoms War to prevent dragged on until 1713 France signed treaty not to unite thrones WH.C6.PO1

19 Persecution of the Huguenots
Louis saw the Huguenots as a threat to religious and political unity of France Reversed the Edict of Nantes 100,000 Huguenots fled France Biggest blunder of all: Huguenots were hard working and prosperous people Serious blow to the French economy. WH.C6.PO1

20 Questions to Ponder How did Henry IV rebuild French unity after the religious wars? Describe how Louis XIV strengthened the power of the monarchy. How did Louis’s persecution of the Huguenots harm France? Write a brief paragraph describing Louis XIV. WH.C6.PO1

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