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Money Making Funnel. Step 1: It Starts With An Ad! BIG MISTAKE: Trying to achieve too much in your advertising. Your only objective is Ad is to sell the.

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1 Money Making Funnel

2 Step 1: It Starts With An Ad! BIG MISTAKE: Trying to achieve too much in your advertising. Your only objective is Ad is to sell the freebie or take that next step. In this example, we are using a free report. So in step one, your aim is to: 1)Sell your freebie (Free Report – CD) Give First – To receive. 2) Qualify your prospects. 3) And Offer or Call To Action

3 Important Notice: Your Marketing Ads need to contain the following ingredients 1.A Headline that targets the right audience. 2.Information describing the benefits. 3.And offer or call to action.

4 It All Starts With Your Head Line Tom’s Personal Trainers We do strength training We do cardio training We do yoga training We do outdoor training We have new equipment We are qualified Personal training session just $50.00 per session. Call 3254 7890

5 Hiring the wrong trainer can waste huge amounts of time and money. All Personal Trainers are not the same – when it comes to your body – you should know what questions to ask. Call toll free 1300 XXX XXX 24hrs (recorded message) and get your FREE report “Insider Secrets on The Fitness Industry” or just go to… WWW.RightTrainerForYou.Comw Warning: Do Not Hire A Personal Trainer Until You Read This Free Report

6 It All Starts With The Head Line “Amazing Diet Secret Lets You Shed up to 10kgs in Just 14 Days, Without Strenuous Exercise & Without Starving Yourself To Death Either Guaranteed! To receive Your Free Report On This Amazing Diet Call 1300 xxx xxx for a free recorded message. Supply’s are limited, so call right now

7 Change One Thing At A Time Brisbane No.1 Health and Fitness Experts! Are looking for 10 highly un/motivated executives who want to lose weight in less workout time, increase energy, reduce stress and feel amazing. To find out you could be one of the lucky 10, go now to or you can call 1300 xxxx to receive a Free Info

8 If You Head line or Ad doesn’t pull a great response, then just change one thing. Example: Change A Word in the Head line, Try a different head line. Add photos – before and after photos. Add your photo in the top right hand corner.

9 Step 2: Landing Page: With Landing pages (website) you have one objective only. To get the person to sign in. No selling. Build the relationship (will you marry me) Tease them, to get them curious, so they leave details. Good phrase to use: You are just moments away from discovering….

10 Landing Page: Auto Responders Mistake: Trying to sell to hard. Emails are not sales letters. Same goes for snail mail. The emails you send to your list after they have signed in on your landing page should… Build a bond with your prospects Establish your credibility Answer questions Build trust And ultimately get the order

11 Free Reports: Is step by step guide produced by and expert for the benefit of getting a specific result. Free reports are to give them information. Not sales letter. Tip: Give a lot of what to do tips.. Not how to do them. Your not educating them, you’re there to sell… keep this in mind. Builds credibility in the eyes of your prospective customers. They see your Ad offering free info on a topic that interest them. You have educated them.


13 You have established yourself as a knowledgeable professional. In their eyes, you are now an expert in your field. That’s what you want, instant credibility! Good Free Report, they come already to do business. Two things to get right with Free Reports. 1.Your Title (head line) 2.And your offer.

14 The 7 questions you need to ask A Personal Trainer before working with them. It’s got to hit your prospect straight between the eyes… it’s got to target exactly what’s on your prospects mind. Limp Offer get limp responses. Big offers get a Big response. Send a pile of testimonials with your Free Report.

15 Step 2: 1800 or 1300 Numbers: Big Mistake: Trying to accomplish too much with your script. Make it short, sharp and to the point. Only purpose is to get names and details. Tool box experience. 130 enquiries in 1 day.

16 Example Script: Hi and thank you for calling Advanced Health Solutions. This message goes for around 60 seconds. If you’re suffering with a lack of energy, being overweight, then this could be the most important message you have ever heard. You see my Breakthrough method for putting these issues to bed Report reveals a quick and easy solution that you fix your problem fast… without strict dieting or painful, long or boring workouts. Thousands of ordinary Australians have discovered the benefits of this information, now it’s your turn. To receive your free report, clearly leave your name, address and telephone number after the beep. To avoid disappointment, please speak slowly and spell any difficult names. I’ll then rush you my free report so you can put an end to your frustrations once and for all. Thank you for calling.

17 1800 number Special Report posted in mail Yes to Offer NO to offer get email follow up No to offer get follow up mail Landing Page Special Report online website YES to offer AD

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