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Welcome to the Kansas Public Health Association, the voice for public health in Kansas. Providing a forum for individuals and organizations.

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1 Welcome to the Kansas Public Health Association, the voice for public health in Kansas.
Providing a forum for individuals and organizations to work collectively to assure conditions in which Kansans will be healthy

2 Kansas Public Health Association
The Kansas Public Health Association (KPHA) is the oldest and largest organization of public health professionals in the state, representing more than 600 members from over 50 health occupations/professions. KPHA brings together researchers, health service providers, administrators, teachers, and other health workers in a unique, multidisciplinary environment of professional exchange, study, and action. KPHA is concerned with a broad set of issues affecting personal and environmental health, including federal and state funding for health programs, pollution control, programs and policies related to chronic and infectious diseases, a smoke-free society, and professional education in public health. Affiliate Directors, I have the assignment of coordinating one of this year's three APHA Committee on Affiliates "scientific sessions."  The subject and content in general will be:   Relationships of Affiliates with Governmental and Non-governmental Organizations What relationships do the state public health associations have with in-state governmental counterparts, e.g. health departments or other not for profit public health organizations? Especially, how do these relationships work when there are disparate policy agendas, either between the association and the state health authority, or between two partners of the association (e.g. Planned Parenthood and abstinence only groups)? The format will be an interactive panel with special emphasis on dialogue with the audience. Therefore, I hope to identify maybe three panelists who have interesting stories or perspectives on the topic. Might any of you be a candidate? Or might you be aware of another public health association with interesting and relevant experience to share? If so, could you respond by next Monday, July 31?  [Geoff: Giorgio and Katie are trying to nail down our 3 time slots, but it looks likely that mine will not be the one during which you have a prior commitment, so it looks like it will work for you to be part of this session.] Thanks for thinking about it. Jerry King Indiana Public Health Association

3 Mission: (Established by Dr
Mission: (Established by Dr. Samuel Crumbine in 1920-who became a national leader from Dodge City, Kansas) To serve as the primary, unifying organization promoting improvement in the health of Kansans and in public health practice. Strategy: The Association is driven by its desire to support society’s interest in assuring that conditions in which people can be healthy are appropriate. It is to provide leadership for public health professionals and others, encouraging them to improve the health of Kansans by promoting public health’s core values.

4 Relationships with Government and Non-Governmental Organizations
200 ORGANIZATIONS over 1000 MEMBERS from: Nearly all 105 Local Health Departments Kansas Department of Health and Environment Foundations: Kansas Health Foundation, Sunflower Foundation NGOs such as Am Lung Assoc, KS Nurses Assoc., KS Assoc. Local Health Depts., Tobacco Free KS, etc All major universities: Univ. Kansas, Kansas State, Wichita State, etc Other state agencies including Social and Rehab Services, Aging, Medicaid Others – hospitals, school districts, and health advocate organizations, dentists, oral health, and other specific public health groups ALA = AM Lung Assoc KNA = KS Nurses Assoc KAHLD = Kansas Assoc of Local Health Depts.

5 KPHA’s Efforts: Through: Education Information Sharing Networking
Objectives: 1.Improve Kansans’ knowledge of priority public health issues and KPHA 2.Work with other organization partners to increase policy impact 3.Strengthen position of public health with Kansas Legislature Through: Education Information Sharing Networking Promoting health jobs Being a Professional Home Working with National Legislative Activities Specific Health Areas

6 Many Collaborative Activities
Annual Conference (over 300 attendees) Poster sessions, annual awards, national speakers; forum for partner activities/achievements Governor’s PH Conference–with KDHE Ks Public Health Leadership Institute – Wichita Member of many committees and task forces HEALTH ADVOCACY—testify, letters to editor, weekly partner meetings and Health Day Monthly meetings w.KDHE Sec. & KALHD Accreditation efforts to help state and counties

7 Board Members meet monthly
Other Activities: Co-hosted Citizens Health Care Group, a federally-mandated series of hearings on health care in the U.S. Many Grants over the years to promote a healthier Kansas, from many various foundations and funders. Board Members meet monthly Up to 5 Board members attend the annual APHA meeting Many Board members and staff attend and serve on APHA Committees KPHA staff chaired and now participates in Affiliate Staff Calls


9 Grants: APHA-Capacity Building, Get Ready, Statutes and Regulations Book Sunflower Foundation-Capacity Building, retreats, trainings, Conference Speakers VISTA program—Legislative Forums, educational efforts with our Sections, and with County Health Kansas Health Foundation—Annual Conferences, Orientation Manual, and HIV, Oral Health start ups UMHMF—Health Day funding-Breastfeeding Grant Sanofi—Infectious Disease webinars/Conferences Unicare—sponsorship of advocacy activities KDHE—Healthy Homes Lead Prevention project

10 KPHA Membership is Divided into Eleven Health Sections
1. Administrative 2. Community Health 3. Research and Evaluation 4. Elder Issues 5. Emergency Preparedness 6. Environmental Health 7. Infectious Disease 8. Oral Health 9. Students 10. Tobacco, Substance Abuse and Mental Health 11. Health Policy

11 KPHA Leadership meets regularly with Health Leaders of the State—Secretary of KDHE, and the PHSG—Public Health Systems Group KPHA Maintains the Public Health Statutes and Regulations book KPHA maintains professional website with resources and links KPHA produces the Kansas Public Health Orientation Manual

12 KPHA participates in many “health in Kansas” activities
Healthy Kansans steering committee BRFSS-Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System IKK Immunize Kansas Kids KDHE Conferences, Strategic Planning, Summer Internships, and Summits State Health Director Selection Committee APHA activities—Advocacy, Kellogg Grant KPHLI Fellows and Mentors

13 Annual Health Day at Capital
Over 7 years of multiple partners at the Capital with Health Fairs, visits with Legislators, Health Screens, Advocacy Workshops for members Fitness Challenge Winners presented Special health promotional materials and healthy snacks delivered to all Legislators

14 Promoting Health in Kansas through Health Policy
"KHPA shall develop and maintain a coordinated health policy agenda that combines the effective purchasing and administration of health care with promotion oriented public health strategies." KPHA provided Testimony from 5 members at 5 Town Hall Meetings around the state, in 2006, in Legislative Forums were held across the state and over the past 6 years, numerous bills were testified on, and Health Days were held in conjunction with National Public Health Week. In KPHA procured Senate and House Resolutions, and Governor’s Proclamations for National Public Health Week.  KPHA, was one of the only public health provider representatives on the Provider Advisory Council with the Health Policy Authority, KPHA, a 501c(3) cannot lobby, but we do inform and educate Legislators

15 Ideas to Explore Bringing “schools” together to discuss state health issues Developing collaborative internship programs Developing more special trainings with KDHE Hosting annual statewide reception for Health with Awards Speaker’s Bureau for educational entities Working on state/federal legislation together Research Projects Scholarships—endowments and other Publications—abstracts/research papers, journals, etc. Sponsoring joint events/Bulletin Board notices

16 We Need Your Help! You can promote KPHA in many ways
You can use KPHA to add to your resume If you are not a member, you can join KPHA You can encourage others to join KPHA For additional information, contact Elaine Schwartz, Executive Director

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