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In this chapter: Qualifying sellers Pricing short-sale listings Frequently asked questions (FAQs) Listing agents’ commission concerns Counseling buyers.

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1 In this chapter: Qualifying sellers Pricing short-sale listings Frequently asked questions (FAQs) Listing agents’ commission concerns Counseling buyers Finding short-sale listings for buyer clients 3. Anatomy of a Short Sale 3-1

2 If short sale is best option, agents must be exacting and thorough in qualifying homeowner for short sale. Not every owner is a short-sale candidate and not every owner can be saved from foreclosure. Qualifying Sellers 3-2

3 Qualifying Sellers 3-3 Agents should confirm: Hardship Sufficient time for short sale Finance, tax, and legal professionals Amount owed on property Additional liens Condition of property Homeowner’s cooperation

4 Defining Hardship 3-4 Lenders will consider short sales for owners who experience: Job loss Business failure Illness and medical costs Divorce or death of a spouse Natural disasters Note: Loss of equity is NOT a hardship.

5 Sufficient Time to Accomplish Short Sale 3-5 To calculate: 1.Confirm approximate foreclosure timeline in your state 2.Subtract # of months that homeowner has missed payments

6 Contracting with Finance, Tax, and Legal Professionals 3-6 Attorneys who work with distressed owners may allow for few fees upfront. Visit U.S. Foreclosure Network (USFN) as possible source:

7 Contracting with Finance, Tax, and Legal Professionals 3-7 Qualified foreclosure attorney can help seller determine whether loan is: Recourse—borrower is liable for deficiency after short sale or foreclosure Non-recourse—borrower is not liable

8 Determining What Is Owed 3-8 Critical to have accurate assessment of what seller’s equity position is or isn’t To facilitate this, consider using pre-listing worksheet and seller short-sale checklist in Figures 3.1 and 3.2

9 Confirming Property Condition 3-9 Inspect home and document any damages or items needing repair Contractors should be consulted for specific repair estimates

10 Pricing Short-Sale Listings 3-10 Price property so seller receives offer from qualified buyer with realistic chance of closing No standard formula for what lender will accept Per Freddie Mac, target sales price is 88% of BPO

11 Estimating Net Equity 3-11 Carefully estimate net equity Once listing is in MLS and offer of compensation is made, listing broker could be responsible for paying compensation even if seller doesn’t pay listing broker See Figure 3.3

12 Frequently Asked Questions 3-12 Initial paperwork owners need to complete? -Yes, owners complete an authorization to release financial information (Figure 3.4) This is just beginning of paperwork required for short sale

13 Frequently Asked Questions 3-13 Who should sellers contact? -“Loss Mitigation” -“Work-Out” -“Asset Recovery” -“Loan Modification” -“Loan Reinstatement”

14 Frequently Asked Questions 3-14 When should real estate agent contact lender? -As soon as possible after taking listing

15 Frequently Asked Questions 3-15 What should be asked of lender? -When should seller submit short-sale application—now or with short-sale package? -Will lender begin short-sale process by pre-approving the seller for short sale now or when agent has a contract?

16 Frequently Asked Questions 3-16 What should be asked of lender? -What is anticipated timeline for short-sale approval? -For junior lien holders: Is there a formula for calculating what is required to release junior lien?

17 Frequently Asked Questions 3-17 What must be disclosed? -State/federal disclosures are required -No confidential information should be disclosed without seller’s written permission -Obtain written authorization to disclose short sale

18 Frequently Asked Questions 3-18 Will seller pay income tax on forgiven debt? -Review Mortgage Debt Relief and Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 -Taxpayers do not pay federal income tax on forgiven debt, provided the property is principal residence only

19 Frequently Asked Questions 3-19 Is it better for seller to declare bankruptcy than pursue short sale? Should seller stop making mortgage payments? Will seller need liquid assets to cure a deficiency at closing? -Beyond scope of real estate agent to answer

20 Listing Agents’ Commission Concerns 3-20 Lenders not legally responsible for payment of any commission If you disclose in MLS, explain that reduction in gross commission will be divided among listing agent and cooperating agents

21 Listing Agents’ Commission Concerns 3-21 Per Fannie Mae, servicers may NOT negotiate commissions for short sales below amount specified in the listing agreement (if listing compensation is 6% or less)

22 Counseling Buyers 3-22 Ideal buyer candidates: -Few to no contingencies -Do not have to sell current home -Patient and have time to wait -Have resources for repairs Use worksheet and checklist in Figures 3.5 and 3.6

23 Frequently Asked Questions 3-23 How long will this take and what if buyer changes mind? -30 days or less or up to 6 months or longer -Note: property value may decline while waiting for lender -Contract addendum should stipulate how long buyer will wait

24 Frequently Asked Questions 3-24 What about the earnest money? -According to terms of written agreement -Should be deposited as required by state license law based on date contract was signed by buyer and seller

25 Frequently Asked Questions 3-25 When should home inspection and mortgage application be completed? -For home inspection: per contract -For mortgage application: short time frame

26 Finding Short-Sale Listings for Buyer Clients 3-26 If buyer wishes to see potential short-sale properties, include “contingent” properties “Lender pre-approval”—ask listing agents what is meant by “pre- approved”

27 Questions to Ask Listing Agents 3-27 1.“Is the short-sale package ready for submission to lender?” 2. “How many liens are on property?” 3. “If more than one lien, what are they?” 4. “What is plan to satisfy all lien holders?”

28 Negotiating the Short-Sale Contract 3-28 Contract is signed by buyer and seller—not lender Lender only approves contract The fact that seller accepts offer contingent on bank approval does NOT guarantee bank approval

29 Subsequent Offers 3-29 Listing agent must submit all subsequent offers to seller all the way to closing – whether or not subsequent offers are “better” than first

30 Common Negotiating Challenges 3-30 Low earnest money Inspections after lender approval Low offer issue #1—may put seller in danger of foreclosure sale Low offer issue #2—seller may be required to pay deficiency for low offer Low interest rate

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