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1 Welcome to Jefferson County Public Schools! Presented by JCPS Human Resources Human Resources New Teacher Orientation.

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2 1 Welcome to Jefferson County Public Schools! Presented by JCPS Human Resources Human Resources New Teacher Orientation

3 2 Organizational Structure

4 3 The Board of Education Standing (l to r): Debbie Wesslund, Dist 3 Joseph Hardesty, Dist 4 Stephen Imhoff, Vice Chair, Dist 2 Larry Hujo, Dist 7 Seated (l to r): Linda Duncan, Dist 5 Diane Porter, Chair, Dist 1 Carol Ann Haddad, Dist 6

5 4 District Leaders Board of Education Superintendent Cabinet Members Curriculum & Instruction – Community Relations - Diversity, Equity & Poverty – Financial Services - Operations – Research & Planning Principals, School Administrators and YOU!

6 5 All JCPS students graduate prepared to reach their full potential and contribute to our society throughout life. District Vision

7 6 District Mission To provide relevant, comprehensive, quality instruction in order to educate, prepare, and inspire our students to learn

8 Core Values - These values guide our work: Our students are cared for and treated as if they are our own Children learn differently What happens in the classroom matters the most The differences of each are assets of the whole 7

9 Core Values - Continued High-quality teaching is the most powerful tool for helping students reach high standards Leadership and innovation are essential to prepare students for their future Talents are resources are used wisely to benefit students 8

10 Core Values - Continued Partnerships among schools, families, and community are important for the health and well-being of our students. Adults model integrity, respect, creativity, and accountability. 9

11 10 Interesting facts and statistics about JCPS.

12 11 Jefferson County Public Schools 29 th largest school district in the U.S. 100,287 students 14,156 employees 6,199 teachers 929 buses on the road every school day morning

13 155 schools and learning centers 89 elementary schools 23 middle schools 18 high schools 25 learning centers and special schools 12

14 13 Per Pupil expenditure - $12,890 13,000 classroom computers 60,000 student addresses 3,873 school/business partnerships In our schools …………..

15 14 Diversity is our Strength

16 15 68 Different Languages Spoken by JCPS Students

17 16 Outstanding Instructional Programs

18 17 Early Childhood Education 4,800 pre-school students Full-Day Kindergarten classes A nationally recognized Head Start program

19 18 Opportunities Traditional Schools e-School Magnet Schools Liberal Arts Curriculum Honors Programs Language Immersion Montessori Education

20 19 A Place for Every Child Breckinridge Metropolitan High Kennedy Metropolitan Middle School Jefferson County High School Suspension Truancy Off-site Program (STOP) Buechel Metropolitan High School Liberty High School Teenage Parent Program (TAPP) State Agency Schools N O E X P U L S I O N S

21 20 Things to know as a new teacher...

22 A Teachers School Year is 187 Days

23 22 A Teachers School Year 175 Student Days 8 Professional Development Days 4 Paid Holidays

24 23 Sick Leave (white card) 10 days per year Personal Leave (yellow card) 3 days per year Emergency Leave 2 days per year Leave Days Paid

25 24 Salary Placement Based on rank and/or degree Additional college hours Previous teaching experience Military experience Additional Opportunities Coaching, Sponsor or Department Head Extended School Services Compensation

26 25 Plus 15 HR must receive verification from university stating completion of 15 hours toward the next rank

27 First payday for is August 31, 2012 Every other Friday… Pay Day! 26-week pay plan distributes earnings equally over 26 pay periods Teachers receive checks during the summer (escrow) Electronic pay advice sent via JCPS Direct Deposit Pay Day!!!

28 27 Remember Your Hire Date

29 Jefferson County Teachers Association JCTA 1941 Bishop Lane Louisville, KY (502)

30 29 Report all absences to the Substitute Center and to your school principal or designee!

31 Highly Qualified Meeting Highly Qualified Requirements No Child Left Behind guidelines require teachers of core academic subjects to be Highly Qualified (HQ) Core academics are defined as: Elementary Grades K-5, English, Reading, Writing, Language Arts, Mathematics, Art, Science (each area), Music, Foreign Language, Civics and Government (Political Science), Economics, History, Geography, (Social Studies)

32 31 Highly Qualified (cont) In order to be Highly Qualified a teacher must: Hold at least a Bachelors Degree, Hold full Kentucky certification, Demonstrate competency in EACH of the core academic subjects taught.

33 Highly Qualified (cont) Teachers of special education students and students with limited English proficiency must meet HQ requirements for each content area in which they deliver initial instruction or collaborate with a teacher who is HQ in the content area. 32

34 Highly Qualified (cont) A teacher may be deemed Highly Qualified by: Passing the PRAXIS content test, Demonstrating a minimum of thirty hours in the content area on college transcripts, or Completing the HOUSSE Calculator on the KY Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB) website. 33

35 Contact person for Highly Qualified questions Harriett Dawson, Certification Specialist and LEAD/HQ Coordinator

36 35 Professional Development Full time teachers are required to obtain a minimum 24 hours of professional development each school year.

37 PD Bits and Pieces The first day of school is (6) hours of PD Not all PD sessions offer stipends Register on PD Central

38 37 GHEENS ACADEMY Professional Library Curriculum Resource Center Content Area Specialists On-line PD Offerings PD site

39 38 JCPS Publications

40 JCPS website – 39 JCPS & me Web Mail District Resources Whats New School Calendar Salary Schedules School Profiles PD Central

41 Getting to JCPS & Me 40

42 41 JCPS & Me Login Check paystub Leave requests Self-Service Current benefits Transfers (April)

43 Important Contact Information and Resources 42

44 43 Teacher Certification Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB) 100 Airport Road, 3 rd Floor Frankfort, KY (502) or

45 44 First Year Teachers And the Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) Contact: Dr. Geneva Price VanHoose Education Center 3332 Newburg Road Louisville, KY Phone: (502) Fax: (502)

46 45 Kentucky Teachers Retirement System KTRS 479 Versailles Road Frankfort, KY Phone: (502) Fax: (502) Toll-Free: (800)

47 Contact info for HR Specialists 46 Deborah (Debbie) Buck High School Specialist – Anthony (Tony) Moore Middle School Specialist – Dr. Aimee Webb Elementary School Specialist – Dr. Geneva Price Specialist for KTIP, BEST mentors – Harriett Dawson Specialist for Certification, Highly Qualified –

48 47 Questions?

49 48

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