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Grażyna Ścibor, Aneta Stankiewicz - Michalczuk. Student Sports Club 13 Bia ł ystok - The fencing club Bia ł ystok Sports Club Hetman - Box section Bia.

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1 Grażyna Ścibor, Aneta Stankiewicz - Michalczuk

2 Student Sports Club 13 Bia ł ystok - The fencing club Bia ł ystok Sports Club Hetman - Box section Bia ł ystok Sports Club Hetman - Judo section Bia ł ystok Karate Club Zaleski Catholic Sports Club Piast - football Jagiellonia Bia ł ystok SSA - football Horseriding Club CAVALCADE in Bia ł ystok Maniac Gym – Sports and Relaxation Centre Academic Sports Association Pronar Zeto Bia ł ystok Podlaski Basketball Club Bia ł ystok Bizons

3 STUDENT SPORTS CLUB 13 Białystok Clubs seat: Public Middle School No.4 Ul.Ciepła 32, Białystok tel.0609 605 003 – trainer The fencing club Thirteen was created in 1998 on the initiative of a famous fencer and fencing trainer – Mr. Jarosław Mazurek. Until today he remains the only girls fencing trainer in this club. The first seat of the club and the place where trainings were held was the gymnasium of Primary School No.13 at 32 Ciepła Street in Białystok. The clubs name – Thirteen, is connected with the number of this school. The club trains only girls and only in the sword. This sport can be practiced from the age of 8. Thirteen takes part in different contests typically organized in all age groups. Unfortunately, these competitions are not held in our city – Białystok, but in other Polish cities. The main seat and the organizer of fencing competitions is Konin. Polish and international contests are also held in Warsaw, Wrocław and Katowice. The girls from Thirteen also take part in competitions abroad, most often to Russia, Great Britain or Hungary. Clubs achievements: Teenage Championship of Poland in Girls fencing (4 medals): silver – individually (2nd place in Poland) bronze - individually (3rd place in Poland) bronze – team (3rd place in Poland). The contestant who took the third place in Poland in the category of teenagers is on the 14th place in the world. Materials gathered by: Ms Aneta Michalczuk From IV b Sections, age groups: Youngsters (until 13 years old), Younger Juniors (up to 15), Cadets (up to 17), Teenagers (up to 20), Seniors (open). Trainer: Jarosław Mazurek The fencing club

4 Białystok Sports Club Hetman Clubs seat: 15-085 Białystok, ul.J.K.Branickiego 3, tel.085-741-15-38, 677-23-75 Białystok Sports Club Hetman was created in spring 1948. The beginnings of the club were difficult. The first sports section of Gwardia in Białystok was the football section. Then, other sections were created, such as e.g.: athletics, volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, basketball, fencing, chess, table tennis, ground tennis, box, motorycling. With its own sports facilities and an unlimited access to them, Białystok Sports Club Hetman was able to provide an attractive offer for young people training box, judo and football in different age groups. At present there are 4 sections in the club: Box, Football, Judo, Bridge The club functions as a sports association. It is managed by the Management Board consisting of 8 members. Aniela Kotowicz is the clubs director. The club has a training hall at 27 lipca Street and its own stadium, which can seat about 30 thousand spectators. Hetman also conducts business activity in the area of property and personal protection services. 2005 BIAŁYSTOK SPORTS CLUB HETMAN WON THE TITLE OF THE TEAM CHAMPION OF POLAND IN THE GRAND PRIX FOR THE CUP OF POLISH BOXING ASSOCIATION JUNIORS Junior Championships of Poland 12-17.04.2005 Leszno Gold medal – Krasnopolski Ariel 57 kg Polish Teenage Olympics 2-8.05.2005 Zamość Gold medal – Szeremeta Kamil 60 kg Members of the clubs box section constitute the majority of the National Team of the Polish Boxing Association. The materials gathered by: Ms Teresa Walczuk Ms Grażyna Fiłonowicz From VI a i III d Coaches: 1st Coach – Stanisław Wąsowski 2nd Coach – Jan Żyliński Box

5 Białystok Sports Club Hetman Clubs seat: 15-085 Białystok, ul. Branickiego 3, tel. 085-741-15-38, 677-23-75 The judo section was created in 1960ties in Gwardia Białystok. Their biggest sucesses are connected with the members of Gwardia Białystok. The first judoka form this club who belonged to the national elite was Małgorzata Szarameta. The second important judoka was Małgorzata Roszkowska and others include: Jolanta Niewiadomska, Anna Kosińska (who won a gold medal in the Teenage Championship of Poland in the weight category 72 kg), Agnieszka Kupraszewicz. The group trained by Robert Małachwiej consists of a lot of new talents. In the years 1994- 1996, in the Youngsters Championships of Poland they won two silver and six bronze medals. The above mentioned achievements of the sections members result not only from their talent and work, but also from a great effort made by their trainer – Jarosław Mroczko. The merits of this excellent Polish trainer are appreciated in the Polish Judo Association. Since 1986 he has been the assistant of the coach of the national senior team. Achievements of the section: In the years 2000-2004 the members of the judo section won in the Championships of Poland and Qualification Tournaments Grand Prix of Poland: 3 gold medals; 2 silver medals; 19 bronze medals. At the same time, in 2001 in the Polish Teenage Olympics, they took the 3rd place in club classification and the 3rd place in the classification of voivodships. The sections members have also taken part in the Championships of Poland of Police Clubs winning 10 gold, 8 silver and 12 bronze medals. Hetmans judokas have been commissioned to the Polish National Team. The materials gathered by: Ms. Elżbieta Sorkowska Ms. Alina Prtażmowska From V c, IIIc Judo JAROSŁAW MROCZKO - 5 DAN MAŁGORZATA ROSZKOWSKA - 3 DAN COACHES

6 Białystok Karate Club Clubs seat: President - Andrzej Zaleski Białystok Karate Club 15-505 Białystok, ul. Młynowa 66 m 20, tel. 085-744-48-52 tel. 0 601 94 82 82 - Andrzej Zaleski The history of the club started 10 years ago, in winter 1995, when a couple of young inhabitants of Białystok (among others: Sensei Marek Ołowski, Sensei Wojtek Rudzewicz, Sensei Andrzej Zaleski), all of whom are black belt wearers, on one of their common training sessions decided to found a karate association. Białystok Karate Club started to develop fast. It was possible thanks to the contacts with some of the best karate experts in Poland: Leszek Drewniak, Janusz Harast and Marek Kiełbasa. Regular meetings with them, participation in national and international assemblies with Giuseppe Beghetto, Kenneth Funakoshi and Hideo Ochi had a positive impact on the qualifications, the level of knowledge and training of our clubs members and instructors. Białystok Karate Club has been constantly developing since the very beginning. The instructors have taken up courses for trainers and students try themselves in miscellaneous competitions. The club systematically holds examinations for different karate levels for children and adults and organizes shows, training assemblies and Karate tournaments. Achievements: Copernicus Cup in Toruń Gold medals – individual and team kata Adam Zaleski Gold medals - Artur Sasinowski, Bartek Wojtan, Angelika Leusz, Monika Wądołowska, Klaudia Jabłońska Gold medal - Adam Bursa in kumite Silver medal - Ada Szoka, Michał Majewski. Bronze medal - Marek Szynaka, Bielawski Michał, Angelika Leusz, Monika Wądołowska, Pilat Jakub, Maciek Lewicki, Magda Czerniewska, Ula Sawicka, Dominika Chomczyk, Paula Arciszewska, Magda Mojsak, Anna Kamińska. In club classification we took the third place. The materials gathered by: Ms. Ewa Puchalska From VI b Karate Andrzej Zaleski - 4 DAN Piotr Bartnicki - 3 DAN Sławomir Szakodyn - 2 DAN COACHES

7 Catholic Sports Club Piast Clubs seat: CCS PIAST at the Holy Spirit Roman- Catholic Parish in Białystok 15-620 Białystok, ul.Elewatorska 6A, tel. 085-661-18-48 Sections: football, sport bridge The Catholic Sports Club Piast Białystok was created in 1971 at the Holy Spirit Roman-Catholic Parish in Piasta District. This is also where the clubs first seat and sports ground were situated. The club has two sections: sport bridge and football. The football section, with boys over 9 years old, is the dominating one. Practically anyone can join the club providing he has no medical counterindications to play football. Meeting are held 3-4 times a week. In spring and summer they take place at the stadium at Elewatorska 6A, and in winter – in sports halls all over Białystok. The materials gathered by: Ms. Barbara Buńko Ms. Teresa Rafałowska From VI e, II b Coaches: Jacek Bajer – seniors and older juniors (born in 1987 and 1980) Ireneusz Zalewski – boys born in 1995 and 1996) Marek Szerszenowicz – younger juniors (born in 1990 and 1991) Ireneusz Piasecki – younger juniors (born in 1989) Marek Rakowski – boys born in 1993 and 1994 Football

8 Jagiellonia Białystok SSA Clubs seat: ul.Jurowiecka 21, 15-101 Białystok tel.(0-85) 675-17-67, 675-24-49 fax (085) 675-17-67 Stadium: ul.Jurowiecka 21, 15- 101 Białystok The roots of Jagiellonia date back to 1920, when the Military Sports Club of the 42th Regiment of Infantry Białystok was created. Starting from 1929, soldiers, together with other teams of our region, competed for the championship of Białystok Regional Football Association. As early as in 1930, Children of Białystok won the championship of the region, which allowed the soldiers to appear in the 1st league playoffs. The breakthrough in the sports history of our city was the decision to join together the two strongest clubs and make one club which would dominate in the city and the whole region. In 1932 the Military Sports Club of the 42th Regiment of Infantry (a strong football section) was joined with the Sports Club of Country Youth Association (a strong athletic section), and, as a result, a new club was created – the Białystok Sports Club Jagiellonia. The first official match played by the newly-formed Jagiellonia was the competition for the class A championship with the Jewish Sports Club Białystok in 1932. The Jagiellonians beat their local rival 4:2. After the 2nd World War Jagiellonia was reactivated, first under the name of Motor Sports Club and then – Builders Sports Club. In the 1974/5 season, after successful playoffs the team was promoted to the 2nd league. The team was then coached by Janusz Wójcik (later the coach of silver medalists from the Olympics in Barcelona in 1992 and the selector of the 1st Polish national football team). The clubs achievements in the recent years: Debut in the 1st league – 09.08.1987 (Jagiellonia – Widzew 1:1) Years in the 1st league – 1987/88 – 1989/90, 1992/93 (total: 4) The biggest successes – the finals of the Polish Cup 89, ½ Polish Cup 04, the 8th place in the 2nd league Football Materials gathered by: Ms. Elwira Wojtasik Ms. Ewa Safarewicz From VI c, II a At present the team remains in the 2nd league.

9 Horseriding Club CAVALCADE The Horseriding Club Kawalkada was created in 1994. Its members are amateurs of horseriding over 10 years old – there is no upper age limit. The club functions as an association. The club was founded by horseriding lovers. Its activity is managed by a 3-person Management Board. The club has 15 members. The clubs activity consists of organizing sport activities and the participation in horseriding competitions. The club organizes traditional horseriding events for its members and their families, e.g. Saint Hubertus Race. To become a club member you must make a committment to act for the benefit of the club. 2005 Jumping over obstacles – Regional and District Horseriding Competition, Championships of Podlaskie Voivodship 1st place in class LL – 3 times 1st place in class L – 3 times 3rd place in class P – twice Horse Breaking - Regional and District Horseriding Competition, Championships of Podlaskie Voivodship 1st place in class L – 4 times 2nd place in class L – 3 times 3rd place in class L – 4 times 1st place in class P – twice 2nd place in class P – twice 2006 Student Horseriding Championships of Podlasie in jumping over obstacles 2nd place Regional Competition in Jumping Over Obstacles 2nd place in class L 1st place in class LL 4th Horseriding Championships of Polish Universities Wrocław 2006 17th place in general classification – jumping over obstacles and horse breaking Materials gathered by: Ms. Teresa Kozłowska Ms. Joanna Czyżewska From V b, V a At present, 5 persons represent the club in competitions: Eugeniusz Walczuk, Emilia Walczuk, Ewa Ciura, Małgorzata Ciura, Gabriela Frasunkiewicz They compete in the following disciplines : long-distance raid, jumping over obstacles, horse breaking

10 Clubs seat ul. Warszawska 79A 15-201 BiałystokClubs seat ul. Warszawska 79A 15-201 Białystok Tel. 0857323816, 0857406931 Materials gathered by: Ms. Janina Jabłuszewska Ms. Elżbieta Grodzka IVa, IIc Gold, silver and bronze medalists in the following competitions: Womens Bodybuilding and Fitness and Mens Fitness Championships of Poland - 6 representatives ( May 2006) – 5 medals Women and Mens Fitness and Womens Bodybuilding Championships of Poland - 11.05.2003 Białystok Womens Bodybuilding and Fitness World Championship 5-6.10.2002, Brno, Czech Republic – Fitness category up to 160cm 5-6.10.2002, Brno, Czech Republic – Fitness category up to 160cm Womens Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships of Europe 4-5.05.2002, Budapest - Fitness category up to 160cm4-5.05.2002, Budapest - Fitness category up to 160cm Junior and Veterans Bodybuiling and Fitness Championships of Europe - Białystok, 11-12 June 2005- Białystok, 11-12 June 2005 WOMENS BODYBUILDING AND GYMNASTICS AND FIGURE FITNESS AND MENS FITNESS CHAMPIONSHIPS OF EUROPE 26-29.05.2006 Italy 26-29.05.2006 Italy Womens Bodybuilding and Fitness and Mens Fitness Championships 20062006 Maniac Gym- Sports and Relaxation Centre Instructors: Joanna Zapolska – Aerobic ManagerJoanna Zapolska – Aerobic Manager, Adamowicz AdriannaAdamowicz Adrianna, Matczyńska Grażyna Kozłowska JoannaKozłowska Joanna, Wnuczko Magdalena, Zuzda Jolanta Director:Wnuczko MagdalenaZuzda Jolanta Arkadiusz Leszczyński Sports and Relaxation Centre "MANIAC GYM" was created in 1991. Its owner, Mr. Arkadiusz Leszczyński, is in the authorities of the National Bodybuilding Association as the Vice-President responsible for fitness. He is also an international judge and can boast a silver and gold medal awarded to him by the World Bodybuilding Federation. "Maniac Gym" organizes: Assemblies of the Bodybuilding National Team ( 1993, 1996 i 1998) Womens and Pairs Championships of Poland in Fitness (since 1995 until today) Mens Bodybuilding Championships of Poland (2002) Mens Fitness Championships (2003) Junior and Veterans Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships of Europe (11-12. 06.2005) Mens Bodybuilding Championships of Poland (2006) In 2004 there was an official opening of the enlarged sports-recreation-rehabilitation complex with the area of 1800m2. The creation of the fitness section, which is run by Joanna Zapolska, the World Vice- Champion, meets the needs of young people who are more and more interested in getting fit and shaping their bodies. Maniac Gym has a state-of-the-art equipment for recreation, professional sports and rehabilitation, which will satisfy even the most demanding clients. The plans for the next few years include the World Championships and Grand Prix of the best bodybuilding and fitness contestants.

11 Academic Sports Association Pronar Zeto Białystok Clubs seat: ASA Pronar Zeto Białystok 15-230 Białystok; ul.Kilińskiego 1; tel./fax 0/85 748 54 44, 748 94 44 ASA team was promoted to the 2nd league after their victory in October 1959 in the elimination tournament of the 3rd league championships in Radom. The team coached by Zbigniew Bujnowski had played in the 2nd league for four seasons before this level of competition was liquidated. In the first season they took the 4th place. After another two years ASA won in their group and in the final tournament they took a place which did not lead to promotion. In 1963 the 2nd league competition was broken. ASA reappeared in the 2nd league in 1975 after winning the elimination tournament in Radom and played on this level until 1982 (with a break in the 1980/81 season) under the name School Sports Association-Academic Sports Association.The team was coached by Józef Fiedorowicz and the games were played in the building of the 2nd Secondary School at Narewska Street. The best players: the captain Barbara Milewska, Dorota Słomińska, Ewa Kaczyńska, Anna Pełszyk played in the Teenage and Junior Polish National Team. In 1993 the team was promoted to the 1st league B. Then, after a series of failures, ASA went down to the inter-voivodship league, but in the next season, with Jacek Brajczewski as their coach, the team came back to the 2nd league. In recent years ASA has been going up. First, the team was coached by Adam Nowik, then Stanisław Pieśniak and Dariusz Pieśniak. In the last season the players performed very well and it was only in their last game home with Skra Bełchatów that they lost the chance for promotion to the 1st league B. Thanks to their good performance the team won back their sponsor – ZETO and found a second strategic sponsor – Pronar Narew, which has put very concrete requirements on them. The achievements of ASA Pronar Zeto Białystok: 1993/4 the 8th place (degradation to the 2nd league) 1994 Promotion to the 1st league 1995 Fall to the Voivodship League 1996 Promotion to the 2nd league 2006 Promotion to the 1st Polish League of Womens Valleyball Materials gathered by: Ms. Agnieszka Sasinowska Ms. Grażyna Ścibor From VId, IIIa Valleyball

12 Podlaski Basketball Club Białystok Bizons The club was created in 2003. In the days of great popularity of basketball, a couple of basketball lovers created a senior team, whose activity influences the creation of positive attitudes among children and teenagers. The club had its debut in 2004 when it won the championship of Podlaskie Voivodship in the 3rd league games and was promoted to the 2nd league. After the 2004/2005 season it was on the 3rd place. The goal they put themselves this year is to get to the 1 st league. BIZONS organize club competitions, national and international shows and tournaments. They train children and teenagers. They organize sport assemblies and camps. They also maintain sport contacts with national and foreign clubs – a cooperation contract has been signed with BK "Grodno`93". The club promotes a healthy lifestyle by organizing show games in Białystok primary schools and junior secondary and secodary schools of our voivodship – in 2004 they visited 23 schools. Materials gathered by: Ms. Wiesława Kolosa Ms. Marzanna Szpiczko From V d, III b Seat: ul. Mickiewicza 11 15-213 Białystok tel. (85) 732 14 21 fax (85) 732 39 74 zubry@ Basketball Trainer: Jerzy Karpiuk Teams manager: Andrzej Awdziej

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