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Chinua Achebe Born in Nigeria (1930)

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1 Chinua Achebe Born in Nigeria (1930)
Raised in Ogidi (center of Anglican missionary work) Father taught for the Church Missionary Society Graduated from University College, Ibadan (1953)

2 Chinua Achebe Part 2 Taught for a short period of time
Producer for External Broadcasting in Nigeria ( ) Appointed Sr. Research Fellow at U of Nigeria Professor of English at UofMA Amherst (’72-’77, ’87-’88)

3 The Igbo There are about 8 million Igbos
Living in Southeasthern/Southern Nigeria Main language is Igbo Most important crop is yam Became Christianized under British colonization

4 Igbo People Part 2 Chieftaincy is left to village council (most likely successful males of the village) Ancestor worship is strongly practiced after Christianity Famous for Mbari Architecture (Religious)

5 Nigeria Western Africa, between Benin and Cameroon
Colonized by England, Independence in 1960 Petroleum-based economy Religions=Muslim, Christian and Indigenous Federal Republic Government Main exports=Petroleum, Petroleum products, cocoa and rubber

6 Umuofia A region of 9 villages in Nigeria where the Igbo people reside
Religion=ritualistic, consult with Oracles for daily instructions Traditional Patriarchal Powerful in war

7 Okonkwo Successful due to his embarrassing father
Hard-working, of high status Fear of being like his father (weak, effeminate, irresponsible) Stubborn, harsh, violent, angry

8 Okonkwo’s Family Okonkwo has 3 wives and 5 children, 1 adopted child
His first wife has two sons and one daughter (Nwoye, Ikemefuna and Obiageli) His second wife, Ekwefi, has one daughter, Ezinma His third wife Ojiugo has a daughter named Nkechi Unoka is Okonkwo’s father

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