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Learning and development - consultancy - research EIPA 2010 © European Institute of Public Administration - Institut européen d’administration publique.

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1 learning and development - consultancy - research EIPA 2010 © European Institute of Public Administration - Institut européen d’administration publique NGOs and European Policy Implementation: Actions Dr Alan Hardacre Belgrade, 2 November 2010

2 EIPA 2010 - WWW.EIPA.EU © Policy Implementation

3 EIPA 2010 - WWW.EIPA.EU © Implementing EU Law European levelMember state level The Commission as ‘guardian of the Treaties’ Formal implementation, i.e. transposition (the law in the books) Comitology (Art. 290-291 TFEU) Practical implementation, i.e. enforcement by regulators and compliance by the regulated (the law in action) Direct implementation by the Commission (e.g. competition) EU agencies

4 EIPA 2010 - WWW.EIPA.EU © Different Ways to Ensure Implementation  The National Level  The European Legal Level  The European Political Level

5 EIPA 2010 - WWW.EIPA.EU © The National Route  The first line for national implementation = your national ministry  You need to work with national stakeholders, media, etc to drive this level Monitoring Fact Gathering Publicity Advocacy Material Tailored to the needs of audiences

6 EIPA 2010 - WWW.EIPA.EU © Implementation in the field of the Environment at EU level European Union Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law, is an international association of environmental authorities in Europe: European Union Forum of judges for the environment:

7 EIPA 2010 - WWW.EIPA.EU © The Commission has the central responsibility to ensure the correct application of Community law Different infringement possibilities : (1) non-respect of Treaty articles, (2) non-respect of a regulation or decision, (3) non-respect of the deadline of transposition of a directive (4) non-conformity of transposition with the principles of the directive (5) subsequent improper application European Legal Approach

8 EIPA 2010 - WWW.EIPA.EU © Ways of launching an infringement procedure : 1.Complaints (See COM(2002)141) 2.CDO (“Cas décelé d’office”: cases which the Commission launches of its own initiative) 3.No communication of NEM DGs are the lead departements, working with the Legal Service and SecGen to take the necessary legal steps 1.First step: letter of formal notice; (art. 258 TFEU) 2.Second step: reasoned opinion; 3.Third step: Court referral - fine possible: art. 260(3) TFEU How Infringements Work

9 EIPA 2010 - WWW.EIPA.EU © Infringement proceedings can get costly...  possibility of imposing a lump sum or a penalty payment to MS in cases of non-communication of transposition measures  but the Court cannot impose a lump sum or penalty payment exceeding the amount specified by the Commission in the referral -Daily penalty since 2005 = 600 EUR x seriousness [1-20] x duration [1-3] x n factor [0.36-25.40] -Lump sum = 200 EUR x seriousness [1-20] x duration [number of days from Art. XX judgement] x n factor [0.36- 25.40]

10 EIPA 2010 - WWW.EIPA.EU © Infringements faster after Lisbon Art. 226/228 Art. 258/260 TFEU  The Commission can already at the stage of the first Court referral (pursuant to art. 258 TFEU) request payment of a penalty for failure to notify transposition measures.  the infringement procedure under Article 260 TFEU is shortened. The Commission can start a second Court referral without sending a (second) reasoned opinion (art. 260 TFEU)

11 EIPA 2010 - WWW.EIPA.EU © From National to European Political Level  Go from National to European if required….  Relations to the major international NGOs present in Brussels: Green 10 The Green 10 consists of the ten leading environmental non- governmental organisations (NGOs) active at EU level : BirdLife International (European Community Office) Climate Action Network Europe (CAN Europe) CEE Bankwatch Network European Environmental Bureau (EEB) European Federation of Transport and Environment (T&E) Health and Environment Alliance Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE) Greenpeace Europe International Friends of Nature (IFN) WWF European Policy Office

12 EIPA 2010 - WWW.EIPA.EU © European Political Level  Face to Face Meetings  E-Mailing, Letters, Position Papers  Drafting Amendments  Consultations  Open Hearings  Events  Site Visits  Networking  Press Release  Press Conference  Issue Adverts  Letter Campaigns  Grassroots mobilisation  Demonstrations InsideOutside Facts Evidence Footage

13 EIPA 2010 - WWW.EIPA.EU © Political Approach to Institutions Commission CouncilParliament Initiation Decision Making Implementation

14 EIPA 2010 - WWW.EIPA.EU © User or consumer organisations Professional federations Company representatives Think tanks / NGOs/ Media Regions Trade Unions Commissioners’ cabinets DG officials Commission EP MEPs Officials from committees and political groups Committees and groups of experts Council Secretariat General Officials Members of Permanent Representations MS national experts Technical level Political level Stakeholders Identify your networks

15 EIPA 2010 - WWW.EIPA.EU © Conclusions  Know your priorities for action  Know which channels you have to Brussels – is this government, MEP, NGO coalition?  Gather solid information, date, evidence – package it for the Brussels audiences  Know how to ‘sell’ your information

16 EIPA 2010 - WWW.EIPA.EU © We would be happy to help. Do You Have Any Questions?

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