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Shoes Around the World Lesson 2 Observational Drawing.

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1 Shoes Around the World Lesson 2 Observational Drawing

2 Connector WARM UP TASK: In your sketchbook 1) Create 3 tones with your pencil (dark, medium and light). 2) Create a variety of marks in your sketchbook e.g. zig zag, wavey. 3) Use 1 type of mark e.g. Zig zag and draw it in 3 different tones.

3 Learning Objective: ALL will practise drawing 1 picture of a shoe using tone. MOST will use at least three key tones in their drawings. SOME will use their knowledge of mark making to add texture.

4 BIG Picture Connector Drawing demonstration Personal drawing time Mini review Peer assessment KEY WORDS: Tone Line Mark making Texture Shape

5 Drawing Your Shoe STAGES 1)Softly sketch the outline 2)Softly sketch in the inside big shapes of the shoe 3)Softly draw in small details e.g. Laces, stitches 4)Add light tones= very soft pencil pressure, thin lines (hold pencil at a diagonal to the table) NOTE: the lightest highlights leave blank/white 5) Add medium tones=medium pencil pressure 6) Add dark tones=heavy pencil pressure, thick lines

6 Mini Review I need to.... 1)improve the accuracy of my drawing. 2)sketch my shoe softly so I can easily rub out any mistakes. 3)include detail by using mark making to show pattern and texture. 4)include 3 tones (dark medium and light). 5)not rush my drawing to focus on quality.

7 Peer Assess Pencil Drawings Drawing is accurate, includes all details, very neat, includes more than 3 tones, smooth shading including the shadow, uses varied mark making for texture. Drawing is accurate, includes most detail, neat, includes 3 tones, most shading is smooth, including the shadow, uses mark making for texture. Drawing is quite accurate, some detail, quite neat, includes 3 tones, quite smooth shading, shadow in wrong place, uses some mark making for texture. Drawing has some accuracy, little detail, includes 2 tones, rough shading. Drawing is not accurate, no detail, little tone and very rough shading. 4C 3A 3B 3C 2A

8 PMI Your Partners Work in Their Sketchbook 1) Peer Assessment Grade: I gave a... level. P= 2) Positive Comment: I like... M= 3) Minus Comment: I do not like... I= 4) Improvement: To improve they could...

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