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Travel Choices Travel Choices Programme LSTF Conference- 4 th December 2013 Helen Ramsden Head of Travel Choices.

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1 Travel Choices Travel Choices Programme LSTF Conference- 4 th December 2013 Helen Ramsden Head of Travel Choices

2 Travel Choices Programme Context -New area of work for TfGM -Funded by LSTF and local contributions -Commuter Cycling Project is a fully integrated part of Travel Choices Programme -Strong synergies with the Velocity 2025 programme -Links with TfGM business as usual activities -Communications and marketing -Infrastructure investment programme -Metrolink

3 Travel Choices What is the Travel Choices programme all about? -Supporting sustainable economic growth -Encouraging sustainable commuting and business travel -Improving access to employment by removing transport barriers -Broadening travel horizons of jobseekers

4 Travel Choices Also about… -Using the infrastructure investment programme as a catalyst for people to think about their travel choices and positively change the way they travel -Working in partnership with businesses, local communities, district councils and delivery partners -Building capacity and embedding expertise within TfGM and partner organisations -Complementing other TfGM services and demonstrating added value to the wider TfGM investment programme -Identifying opportunities to support Districts, delivery partners and stakeholders -Forward planning beyond 2015 So what are the interventions….

5 Travel Choices Objective -Enabling sustainable commuting/Unlocking benefits to businesses Interventions -Tailored 1-2-1 support for priority businesses -Practical support to undertake staff surveys, site audits and develop action plans -Self-help materials and access to workshops for smaller businesses -Exclusive incentive package-ticketing offers, carsharing tool, bespoke cycling training and maintenance courses -Access to sustainable travel grants up to £10,000 -On site personal travel planning for employees Travel advice for Businesses

6 Travel Choices Travel Support for Jobseekers Objective -Build confidence and broaden travel horizons and job search areas for jobseekers -Support jobseekers’ travel requirements in initial stages of employment -Enable sustainable and low cost travel options for jobseekers Interventions -Travel Training for frontline staff at Jobcentre Plus and Primes -Travel surgeries and personal travel planning support -Bike Back 2 Work scheme -Travel support to job interviews and during the initial stages of employment

7 Travel Choices Objectives -Encourage individuals to make more sustainable travel choices -Optimise the uptake of sustainable transport improvements including new Metrolink lines, cycle routes, Local Link services Interventions -Personal Travel Planning for commuters and residents -Community based activities -Commuter challenges Travel support for commuters

8 Travel Choices So what does this mean in practice… ….How are we delivering outcomes through partnership working

9 Travel Choices Creating Travel Champions -TfGM offer training to frontline staff from Jobcentres Plus and partner organisations -As Travel Champion they receive bespoke training, on going support and the tools to share their training with others -Dual benefits: -Building capacity and embedding expertise amongst frontline staff -Providing better travel information to jobseekers in a cost effective way -Uptake of the training has been exceptional with over 140 frontline staff becoming travel champions “Jobseeker has potential job in Macclesfield. He was going to refuse the job as he thought the bus service stopped at 5.00pm. Using the knowledge I gained in training, I showed him how to use the route planner. He’s now going to continue with the job”

10 Travel Choices Working with operators -Up to 24,000 bus and tram tickets made available to jobseekers -By working with GMTL and securing a significant discount we have been able to double the number of tickets being made available to jobseekers -We are also better positioned to develop a commercial BAU proportion beyond the current LSTF funding horizon. -Win Win arrangement - embedding sustainable travel habit in new customers for operators as well as removing transport barriers for jobseekers -Great value for money-with every £1 we provide, being matched by £3 from GMTL

11 Travel Choices Cycle Partnerships -Providing free recycled bikes for jobseekers as part of the Bike Back 2 Work scheme -Three way partnership: -TfGM – coordination and funding -Jobcentre Plus– referrals and promotion via off flow interview -Cycle Recy cle organisations – provision of recycled bikes and training -Dual benefits: -Providing with low cost, sustainable travel options to jobseekers -Providing training to 300 jobseekers via voluntary organisation, improving skills, confidence and employability

12 Travel Choices Putting partnership first Through partnership working we have been able to: -Add value and increase our capacity to deliver -Embed and mainstream activity within delivery partners -Add another dimension to what we are trying to achieve -Reach new audiences and identify new opportunities -Utilise trusted sources to give people information -Share their experiences, insights and expertise

13 Travel Choices Top tips -Identify common goals, mutual wins and shared added value-this is the glue that will keep the partnership together -The best partnerships build on each partner bringing their strengths to the table-understand and respect the expertise that others can bring -Beware of staff changes – a partnership should be with an organisation not just an individual -Share the praise and spotlight when things go well-but also be prepared to stand side by side if they don’t -Identify quick wins where possible -Understand your partners wider agenda – this should be a two way process -Review the partnership regularly – if something isn't working, say so. If responsibilities need reassigning, reassign them. Be flexible -Last but not least it’s the little things that count

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