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Unit 1 Lesson 5 Simple Predicates.

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1 Unit 1 Lesson 5 Simple Predicates

2 Objectives Students will: Identify the simple predicate of a sentence.
Identify the complete predicates and the simple predicates in a sentence.

3 What is the simple predicate?
The simple predicate is the one main word that tells what the subject is or does. The simple predicate is also called the verb. Examples: Abigail runs to her voice class. She sings. This is her favorite activity.

4 The simple predicate may be more than one word.
There may be a main verb and one or more helping verbs. Examples: Abigail has sung in many musicals. She will be performing again tonight. My favorite musical was performed last month.

5 Underline the complete predicate and circle the simple predicate.
Louis Armstrong sang with many jazz bands. He has been called a great singer. He became very famous as a trumpet player. People have been copying his musical style for years. Armstrong was hired by many concert halls. Armstrong played the trumpet brilliantly. His hit songs will be played for a long time.

6 Her songs were called “the blues”.
Bessie performed in many places. She traveled in a special railroad car. “Queen of the Blues” was written on the car. Blues lovers remain great fans of hers. Thousands have purchased her recordings.

7 Underline each complete predicate and circle each simple predicate in the paragraph.
Stephen Foster was born in 1826 in Pennsylvania. He showed musical talent very early. He was playing the clarinet at the age of six. Foster received very little formal musical training. Foster has become a popular American songwriter. “My old Kentucky Home” is one of his melodies. Foster produced the words and the music for most of his works. This composer would sell his new songs at low prices. Foster created many memorable American songs.

8 Homework WB pgs.9 & 10

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