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1 Cakes

2 Ingredients Each ingredient performs a specific function and must be combined in proper balance Too much flour: cake is DRY Too much egg: cake is TOUGH and HARD

3 Cake Ingredient Classifications
Tougheners Tenderizers Moisteners Driers Leaveners Flavorings

4 Tougheners Provide protein that assists in structure and toughens the cake Flour Milk Eggs

5 Tenderizers Shorten gluten strands, making cake tender and soft (makes batter weaker) Improve cake’s keeping qualities Sugar Fat Egg yolks

6 Moisteners Bring moisture necessary for gluten formation and starch gelatinization Improve cake’s keeping qualities Milk Water Juice Eggs

7 Driers Absorb moisture, giving body and structure to the cake Flour
Starches Milk solids

8 Leaveners Make cakes rise Gases in batter expand when heated
Air is trapped when fat and sugar are creamed together Carbon dioxide (CO2) released from BAKING SODA and BAKING POWDER Air trapped from beaten eggs Natural leaveners – steam and air

9 Flavorings For desired taste add: Cocoa/chocolate Extracts Spices
Sugar Salt Butter

10 Flavorings, cont. Acidic ingredients activate baking soda Sour cream
Chocolate Fruit

11 Ingredient Preparation
All ingredients should be at room temperature (approximately 70°F) Any ingredient too cold or too warm = affects batter’s ability to trap and hold the gases necessary to rise

12 Mixing Methods Shortened/Creamed Fat Whipped Egg

13 Creamed Fat/Shortened Method
Based on high fat formulas containing chemical leaveners Fine grain, uniform cell size, moist crumb Pound cakes, layer cakes, coffeecakes

14 Using the Creaming Method
Sift dry ingredients together Cream butter or shortening until light and fluffy Add sugar and cream until mixture is fluffy and smooth Add eggs, one at a time Add dry and liquids alternately

15 Determining Doneness Appearance Tough Cake Tester
Light to golden brown Edges begin to pull away from sides of pan Does not jiggle Tough Spring back when touched lightly Cake Tester Toothpick, skewer, or metal cake tester should come out clean

16 Cake Creations Worksheet
Complete the “Cake Creations” Worksheet You may work together on the worksheet as a group, but each group member is required to turn in their own worksheet

17 Cake Decorating Inspiration

18 Cake Decorating Inspiration

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