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Produced by Echo Song. Lesson 38 The Olympic Games.

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1 Produced by Echo Song

2 Lesson 38 The Olympic Games

3 shooting basketball skating boxing football sailing wrestling volleyball

4 Try to guess the meaning of the underlined part from the context. A.a person who practices physical exercises and sports demanding strength and speed B.a test of strength, skill, ability, etc. C.moving or able to move at great speed, especially without effort D.a short sentence of a few words taken as the guiding principle of a person, of a school, etc E.something valuable or desirable, given to someone who is successful in a game, race, competition, game, etc ( ) 1. The young lion was swift in action when it saw its prey( 猎物 ). ( ) 2. During the competitions, we exchanged( 交换 ) experience with players from other countries. ( ) 3. Ball-players, runners, boxers, swimmers, etc. are athletes. ( ) 4. Christine was very happy because her poem won the first prize of ten dollars. ( ) 5. Don’t lose hope; remember the motto “Never say die.” C B A E D


6 Five rings Five continents Five rings join together Friendship EuropeAsiaAfricaOceaniaAmerica the Olympic flag

7 Summer Olympic Games 1992 Olympic Games 1996 Olympic Games 2000 Olympic Games

8 Winter Olympic Games 1998 Olympic Games 2002 Olympic Games


10 ( )1. The Winter Olympic Games usually take place _____. A. every two years B. every four years C. two years after the Summer Olympics D. at the same time as the Summer Olympics ( )2. Which of the following is correct about the Olympic Games? A. The first modern Olympic Games took place around the year 776 in Greece B. No women athletes were allowed to take part in the old Olympic Games C. 311 competitors from 13 countries took part in the old Olympic Games D. The Olympic Games were never forgotten even though they were stopped for centuries ( )3. The first modern Olympic Games _____. A. began in the year 393 AD B. were held in Greece C. happened in the year 1986 D. took place in Barcelona B D B

11 ( )4. ______ were the old games in which the athletes competed in the old Olympics. A. Sailing and shooting B. Running and horse-riding C. Jumping and wrestling D. Shooting and running ( )5. Which of the following can be inferred from the passage? A. The Chinese team was the second strongest in the 25 th Summer Olympics. B. In Barcelona men athletes won more than 4 gold medals for the Chinese team C. The Olympic Games stopped in 193 AD because of corruption( 腐败 ) and cheating D. Now many countries compete to hold the Olympics because they can benefit( 受益 ) a lot from the games C D

12 True or False questions: ( ) 1. Both the Summer and Winter Olympics are held every four years. ( ) 2. The modern Olympic Games began around the year 779 BC. ( ) 3. In the old times both men and women were allowed to take part in the Olympic Games. ( ) 4. The first modern Olympic Games happened in the year 400 AD. ( ) 5. The Olympic Games were born in Greece. ( ) 6. The 24 th Summer Olympics were held in Barcelona in Spain. ( ) 7. In Barcelona the Chinese team won 16 medals. ( ) 8. Horse-riding is one of the unusual sports in the 1992 Olympic Games. T F F F T F F T

13 Fill in the blanks with the numbers given below: A. 776 BC B. 393 AD C. 1896 D. 1984 E. 1992 F. 250 G. 311 H. 8,000 1. The first Olympic Games in modern times happened in _______. 2. There are over ______ different sports in the 1992 Olympics. 3. The old Olympic Games began around the year __________ in Greece. 4. In ______ over ________ competitors from more than 150 countries went to Barcelona for the 25 th Summer Olympics. 5. In the 1896 games there were ______ competitors from just 13 countries. 6. In the _______ Olympic Games, Carl Lewis won four gold medals. 7. After about the year _________ the Olympic Games stopped. 1896 250 776BC 1992 8,000 311 1984 393AD

14 Fill in the blanks with proper words. The Olympic Games are the biggest sports meeting in the world. There are _____ kinds of Olympic Games. _______ is the Summer Olympic Games, and the ______ is the Winter Olympics. _______ of them are _____ every ______ years. The old Olympic Games ______ around the year 776 BC in _______. At that time there were not _______ many sports ________ today. And women were not allowed to ______ _____ _____ the games. But now there are new sports in the Olympics. Just in the Summer Olympics there are more than 250 different sports. And ________ are also allowed to join in the games. They even compete _____ medals ______ men in some of the games. two One other Both held four began Greece so as take part in women for with

15 Say something about the 1992 Olympic Games: Key words: 1.the 25 th Summer Olympic Games 2.8,000 competitors; more than 150 countries 3.250 different sports 4.some unusual sports 5.Chinese team; 16 gold medals

16 Comparison: the first old Olympics the first Olympics in modern times timeplacecompetitorssports In 1896 In Greece 776BC


18 Discussion: Can China benefit( 受益 ) from the 2008 Summer Olympic Games?

19 Homework: 1.Summarize the passage 2. Finish Exercises in Workbook


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