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Warm Up 1. Who is this? 2. What church is she head of?

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1 Warm Up 1. Who is this? 2. What church is she head of?
I am the Supreme Head of England’s church after my father formally broke away from the Pope. This weakened the Catholic Church and helped our Protestant cause. 1. Who is this? 2. What church is she head of? 3. Why did it help the Protestant cause?

2 Catholics and Protestants
Section 17.4

3 What is the Counter Reformation?
Pope Paul III calls a meeting called the Council of Trent. At this meeting he sets strict rules for how bishops and priests are to behave New priests are to be trained at seminary (special schools for training priests) Recognized a new order of priests, the Society of Jesus, known as Jesuits that taught, preached, and fought heresy. Jesuits were founded by Ignatius of Loyola.

4 The Religious Wars in France
John Calvin was originally from France and his ideas became popular there. French Protestants became known as Huguenots. Only about 7% of the French were Protestants. But almost half of the nobles were Protestant, including the Bourbons (the 2nd most powerful family in France). They ruled Navarre and were in line for the throne.

5 Queen Catherine de Medici
King Henry II of France ( ) Queen Catherine de Medici HOUSE OF VALOIS King Francis II ( ) King Charles IX ( ) King Henry III ( )

6 The Religious Wars of France
She refused to compromise with the Protestants so in 1562 a civil war broke out between the Protestants and Catholics that would last for 30 years. In 1589, Henry of Navarre, leader of the Huguenots and head of the Bourbon family, became King Henry IV of France. The war continued because he had yet to capture Paris. Henry knew the Catholic people would not accept him, so he agreed to become Catholic if the people would accept him as king. Though he became Catholic so he could become king, he issued an edict in 1598 – the Edict of Nantes that said that Catholicism was the official religion of France, but gave Huguenots the right to worship freely.

7 What was the Thirty Years’ War?
In the 1600s, there was another religious war that was even worse. It started in Bohemia when Protestant nobles rebelled against the Catholic king. Protestant kings in Germany decided to help them and the war spread throughout the Holy Roman Empire. The war lasted from It involved France, Sweden, Denmark, England, the Netherlands, Spain and the Holy Roman Empire. Some towns were completely wiped out. Spain was weakened and France was made one of Europe’s most powerful countries.

8 The Reformation in Spain
The ideas of Luther and Calvin never really spread to Spain. But Spanish rulers were always suspicious of anyone in Spain who was not Catholic. When the reformation began King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella had just created the country by uniting their kingdoms and they felt all their subjects should be Catholics and cast out anyone who wasn’t Catholic. They established the Spanish Inquisition. People were put on trial to investigate charges of heresy. People were put to the test of terrible acts of torture to confess to guilt. They executed 2000 Spaniards. Even the pope could not control the inquisition.

9 Checks for Understanding
A special school for training and educating priests is called a ________. seminary heresy Jesuits Bourbons

10 Checks for Understanding
_____ is a religious belief that contradicts what the Church says is true. heresy seminary Jesuits Bourbons

11 Henry VIII Starts His Own Church
Henry VIII ruled England from He was stubborn, impatient, and cruel. He married six queens, divorced two, and beheaded two. He imprisoned bishops and nobles in the Tower of London for disagreeing with him and sometimes beheaded them as well.

12 Henry’s Marriage to Catherine
Henry and his wife Catherine of Aragon had only one child, Mary. He needed a son. He asked the pope to annul the marriage. Annul means to cancel the marriage, as if it never happened. Queen Mary I of England Queen Catherine of Aragon

13 Henry VIII Starts His Own Church
So Henry had the archbishop of Canterbury – the highest bishop in England - annul the marriage. The pope excommunicated him. Henry then declared that the King, not the pope, was the head of the Church of England. Henry ordered all the priests and bishops in England to accept him as the new head of their church. Those that refused were killed. He seized the churches land and gave it to the nobles to keep the nobles loyal to him.

14 Who was Bloody Mary? After Henry’s death his only son Edward took the throne for a short time until his death. Henry and Catherine’s daughter Mary became Queen Mary I in Mary had been raised Catholic and wanted England again to be a Catholic kingdom. She restored the Catholic Church and arrested Protestants who opposed her. She burned 300 people at the stake. They called her Bloody Mary. She ruled for 5 years and then died.

15 Queen Elizabeth I Next in line for the throne was Henry and Anne Boleyn’s daughter Elizabeth. She was crowned Queen Elizabeth I and was Protestant so she restored the Anglican Church and went on to become one of the greatest rulers in English history.

16 How did Calvinism Affect England?
Although the Catholics were defeated, the religious battles weren’t over. By the late 1500s, the ideas of John Calvin had reached England. A group of people demanded that the Anglican Church give up its Catholic ways of doing things. They came to be called Puritans because they wanted to PURIFY the Church of Catholic ideas. Puritans began to form their own congregations and make their own decisions about what their congregation was going to do and not do. They didn’t report to the bishop of the Anglican Church and they chose their own minister.

17 How did Calvinism Affect England?
James and the next king, Charles I, persecuted the Puritans by shutting down their churches and jailing Puritan leaders. Many Puritans moved to America to practice religious freedom. How did Calvinism Affect England?

18 Missionaries Go Overseas
Because of the counter-reformation many Catholics became reenergized in spreading their faith. So Catholic kings began sending missionaries overseas to America and Asia. French and Spanish Jesuits converted Native Americans in the new world. They had great success in Japan in the 15 and 1600s converting thousands to Christianity, but eventually the Japanese Shogun banned Christianity and expelled all missionaries. Spanish missionaries had great success in the Philippine Islands where today it is still a Catholic majority country.

19 Checks for Understanding
_________ broke away from the Catholic Church in order to annul his marriage. Henry IV Edict of Nantes Henry VIII Maimonides

20 Checks for Understanding
Known as one of the greatest rulers in English history, ________ was England’s Protestant queen. Queen Mary I Queen Elizabeth I Edict of Nantes Maimonides

21 Checks for Understanding
Restored the Catholic Church in England. Elizabeth I Henry VIII Henry IV Mary I

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