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Governor Forum September 2014 Glyn Wright, County Inspector/Adviser PDL.

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1 Governor Forum September 2014 Glyn Wright, County Inspector/Adviser PDL

2 The School Food Plan Free school meals for all children at KS1 and 2 Breakfast Clubs in the poorest areas Cooking lessons for all children up to the age of 14 Small School Task Force Flagship London Boroughs School Meal Service Support Checklist for Headteachers

3 Universal Infant Free School Meals A Hampshire Perspective

4 The Evidence Only 1% of packed lunches meet nutritional guidelines Children in pilot area made up to 2 months added progress Children in pilot areas were better able to behave and concentrate in the afternoon Children are become more aware of the benefits of healthy eating The dining experience increases the social skills of the children The school lunch is a guarantee of the correct nutritional intake for children UIFSM is worth around £800 per year to parents, (£400 for the free meals and £400 not being spent on packed lunches)

5 The Evidence 20% of 11year olds are obese Parents spend £1bn a year on packed lunches £11bn is spent on treating illness caused by bad diet 90% of headteachers think better diet is a cause of improved attainment and behaviour Quality of food improves Children are more likely to try new food Children like the taste of school dinners

6 The Facts in Hampshire Existing catering services put Hampshire on the front foot Existing infrastructure to call upon. Significantly different elsewhere in neighbouring counties Government grant to implement - £3.2m Hampshire County Council added - £3m Spent on upgrading kitchens 200 extra staff employed 52,402 meals per day across the county on average so far this term. Not at full numbers yet.

7 What we are working on. Hot meals for all children Raising the uptake at other Key Stages Supporting schools to become Healthy Schools Linking food with SMSC, PSHE, RRR etc Supporting schools with wider needs of lunchtime Supporting schools in implementing the other elements of the School Food Plan

8 What we are working on Ensuring that school register all eligible for FSM to attract the maximum for pupil premium Helping schools to keep accurate data for claiming UIFSM money from the government Money funded so far to schools – 5/12 at 87% number on roll Remaining 7/12 funded next term based on actual uptake and adjusted up or down from the original 87%.

9 9 The whole school approach Leadership, management and managing change Policy development Curriculum planning, resourcing, teaching and learning School culture and environment

10 10 Whole school approach continued Giving pupils a voice Provision of pupils’ support services Staff professional development needs, health and welfare Partnership with parents/carers and local communities Assessing, recording and reporting pupils’ achievement

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