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AUTHORING TOOLS A teacher’s DIY kit Marcin Kudła.

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1 AUTHORING TOOLS A teacher’s DIY kit Marcin Kudła

2 Authoring tools – the basics  AT enable you to create your own teaching materials for FREE  AT can have various forms:  downloadable software  online tools  AT are for teachers who want to:  facilitate their work  make their lessons more attractive  take the learning experience beyond the classroom

3 Authoring tools - examples

4 Teacher’s Pet

5  TP is a downloadable tool for creating printable exercises  doc files  TP is a word processor add-on  (it displays as a toolbar)  TP uses macros  (i.e. facilities recording a set of actions)  TP is free…  …except for 4 macros M a c r o s c a n c o n t a i n v i r u s e s, s o b e c a r e f u l w i t h t h e m

6 Teacher’s Pet - exercises wordstextssentences pair-matching gap-filling cloze-tests arranging in the right order underlining letters

7 Teacher’s Pet - installation

8 Click on the button Teacher’s Pet - installation  MS Word 2003: Open a new document in Word Activate Click on Tools and choose Macro Set the security to medium Download the Teacher’s Pet Enable the macros when the template opens

9  MS Word 2007: Teacher’s Pet - installation Click on the button Download the Teacher’s Pet Activate a ‘Security Warning’ message will open above the document Enable the macros

10 Teacher’s Pet - procedure Prepare a vertical list of words/ sentences Select the list Choose a macro Select a word Choose a macro

11 WordLearner & Puzzlemaker

12  WL & PM are online tools for creating printable exercises  pdf files  png files  html  They are free…  …unless you want to use their full versions

13 WordLearner & Puzzlemaker - exercises  Word search  Crossword  Flashcards  Bingo cards  Word Jumble  Matchmaker  Word search  Criss-cross  Double puzzles  Fallen phrases  Letter tiles  Hidden message WordLearner Puzzlemaker

14 WordLearner

15 Puzzlemaker

16 Hot Potatoes


18  HP are downloadable tools for creating interactive exercises  html  HP consist of six applications:  JCloze  JQuiz  JCross  HP are free, but you have to register to have access to the full version Hot Potatoes:  JMatch  JMix  The Masher

19 Hot Potatoes

20 Authoring tools Thank you

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