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Unit 1 Dynamic Planet Revision Topic 4: Waterworld.

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1 Unit 1 Dynamic Planet Revision Topic 4: Waterworld

2 Which words did you get? Precipitation Evaporation Interception Surface runoff Percolation Throughflow Infiltration Groundwater flow Storage Evaporate Water vapour Condenses Droplets

3 Practice Question (2 mins, 4 lines to write): The diagram shows the hydrological cycle. Explain how 2 processes will be affected if there is a long, hot and dry summer. (2 marks)

4 Possible answers (For 2 marks you need 2 correct statements) There will be more evaporation There will be less precipitation There will be less percolation There will be less throughflow etc

5 Reasons for an unreliable water supply In a table with “economic”, “social” and “environmental” headings, put the following statements in the correct column. 1.Unreliable rainfall 2.Increasing population (migration or natural change) 3.Agricultural demand (for crops etc) 4.Pollution from agriculture and factories 5.Rising living standards (more showers, dishwashers…) 6.Climate change affecting rainfall patterns Ex: Which of these affects water quality rather than quantity?

6 Unreliable / insufficient / scarce water Case Study: The Sahel

7 Practice Question Explain some social and economic effects of water scarcity. (4 marks)

8 Unreliable water / Over-use / Over abstraction Case study – Las Vegas. Why? Location – Mojave desert. Over-use from groundwater (aquifer) – fountains, swimming pools, golf courses, increasing population.

9 Water quality case study Named example – Minimata, Japan. Mercury built up in sea food. Pesticde factory released mercury as waste into the sea. Impacts – neurological conditions (shaking, loss of memory etc)

10 Water Management – Large Scale Examples Large Scale: top-down project, expensive, big impacts on people, economy environment (good and bad). Examples – Aswan Dam – Egypt. 3 Gorges Dam – China.

11 Water Management – Small scale Intermediate Technology Example Intermediate technology = cheap, suits the local climate, landscape people, easily repaired, local people involved. Example – Afridev Pump - Tanzania Questions may include – Compare and contrast large & small scale. Costs & benefits of one project. Evaluate / assess the impact of.....


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