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Supervising Volunteers Lee Ann Luxenberger Volunteer Coordinator Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

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1 Supervising Volunteers Lee Ann Luxenberger Volunteer Coordinator Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

2 What is a Volunteer? Someone who contributes time, effort and talent to meet a need or further a mission, without going on the payroll. - From By the People: A History of Americans as Volunteers, New Century Edition By Susan J Ellis and Katherine H Campbell

3 Types of Volunteers Traditional Academic Mandated Professional

4 Clary’s Volunteer Function Inventory (VFI) Values: To express important values; feeling it is important to help others Career: To explore different career options; to look good on one’s resume Social: To be with like-minded people; to be engaged in an activity viewed favorably by important others Understanding: Seeking to learn more about the world; a chance to exercise skills and abilities that might otherwise go unpracticed Enhancement: For personal growth; to develop ‘psychologically’ Protective: To reduce guilt over being more fortunate than others; to help address personal problems

5 Before Taking on Volunteers What are your needs (system-wide, by branch and/or department) ◦Entry-level: shelf reading, pulling holds, tutoring ◦Mid-level: manages other volunteers and/or minor programs ◦Advanced-level: develops and/or coordinates major events or programming What types of volunteers are you willing to take? How much time can you allocate to supervision/management?

6 Recruitment Motivation messages vary by gender and age Messages should be tailored for your targeted audience ◦Students: focus on understanding, and career ◦Young professionals: focus on social, career, and values ◦Baby Boomers and older: focus on values and social

7 Orientation and Training Understand education and literacy issues Understand how library provides educational opportunities for local community Identify how volunteer contributions provide solutions to the problem (how they fit in) Identify other ways that they can help Gain critical skills pertinent to service

8 Meaningful Service Truly meets an organizational need and that is seen/understood by volunteer Adequate work that matches position description volunteer agreed to Uses the volunteer’s skills and talents Allows for professional development Develops positive relationships with staff, volunteers, and clients Respect for volunteer’s talent, experience, use of time, etc.

9 Evaluation Allows volunteers to provide and receive feedback around issues of performance, organizational culture, etc Can impact future recruitment and recognition Provides explanation for retention issues Should have a different evaluation for each type of volunteer activity (group, individual, special event)

10 Recognition: Motivation Matters Affiliation: I like to know that I am an important part of the team Achievement: I like to know that I’ve done a good job Influence: I like to know that others know who I am and that they respect my input

11 Recognition: Affiliation-Motivated Emphasize relationships ◦Letters, cards, or gifts to express appreciation ◦Public photos should be with a group of volunteers and names should be in listings – don’t do individual spotlights ◦Social events where they can mingle with others is preferable to sit down programs ◦Badges, t-shirts, lanyards, etc will help them feel more connected

12 Recognition: Achievement- Motivated Emphasis on task achievement ◦Certificates and plaques to express appreciation ◦Individual spotlights can be used, but should focus on what they have done to help rather than personal facts ◦Awards ceremonies are great for achievers ◦Letters of reference ◦Pins that recognize hours contributed, years involved, etc. will help them feel valued

13 Recognition: Influence-Motivated Emphasis on leadership and responsibility ◦Loves public praise and recognition by VIPs ◦Individual spotlights that focus on leading committees or being on a board ◦Thrives when given a title of importance  Business cards, direct phone line, name connected to a project, etc. ◦“Volunteer of the Year” has special significance for influence-motivated volunteers ◦Wants to feel like input is listened to and that they are part of the decision-making process

14 Retention What impacts retention: ◦meaningful service ◦adequate recognition ◦relationships with supervisor, staff, and other volunteers ◦maintenance of our reputation ◦volunteer’s schedule and life needs outside of service ◦education – more education, greater retention rate ◦age – older, greater retention rate Why important? ◦Less need for new recruitment ◦Better value for training (ROI) ◦Overall, less energy and work required ◦Retain advocates for our brand

15 Legal Matters Liability insurance Liability releases Background checks Mandated program concerns

16 Questions/Wrap-Up

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