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Archives and record service R ome, April 14th 2011.

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1 Archives and record service R ome, April 14th 2011

2 April 14th 2011 Silvia Piro Pagina 2 Numbers? The function of record legal probative function: it certifies the production/receipt of a document on a sure date and its source organizational managerial function: business and administrative procedures management records management database management

3 Records management Incoming document Records office records, marks, classifies and forwards to the proper office Mail delivery office delivers mail to all University departments Proper office handles the document and files it Silvia PiroApril 14th 2011Pagina 3

4 Some legislative references Law 241/90 New rules about administrative procedures and the right of access to the administrative documents 445/2000 Consolidation act on administrative documents 2005 e-government code Silvia PiroApril 14th 2011Pagina 4

5 Requirements for public administration record documents use the electronic record adopt a classifying scheme file documents elaborate a storage plan Silvia PiroApril 14th 2011Pagina 5

6 Some implications of the technological evolution information technology is not neutral the text and the support can be separated for the first time in human history There is the need to rethink administrative procedures Silvia PiroApril 14th 2011Pagina 6

7 Critical issues information security - privacy preservation risks of digital and electronic records in the long term: life-long preservation, long term preservation, risk loss of memory the vocational training costs to rethink administrative procedures Silvia PiroApril 14th 2011Pagina 7

8 Positive aspects time reduction, finding information speed transparency, reduction of discretionary power in public administration low costs accessibility interoperability Silvia PiroApril 14th 2011Pagina 8

9 Next steps elaborating of management handbook extending electronic records management to other departments electronic management of workflow Silvia PiroApril 14th 2011Pagina 9

10 Electronic security and privacy e-mail Pec: it is a special e-mail that acknowledges receipt, with legal value, and certifies the sending and delivery of records electronic signatures authenticity and integrity must be guaranteed Silvia PiroApril 14th 2011Pagina 10

11 Titulus 97 It is a project promoted by the University of Padua in conjunction with other Italian universities to create a shared classifying scheme the scheme is based on functions rather than the organizational chart classifying is the first step to develop the archives it makes finding documents easier and allows a qualified preservation Silvia PiroApril 14th 2011Pagina 11

12 Aurora it was conceived with the aim of finding a shared language to draw up sender, recipient and subject of the document using electronic records it has brought about a series of recommendations Silvia PiroApril 14th 2011Pagina 12

13 Ninfa normalization of information of archival files the object is the creation of a database with the description of files and the main documents that make them, relevant to the transversal inconsumable and bearing functions filing is an important phase in building archives and so it is the base of administrative management this project is still in progress Silvia PiroApril 14th 2011Pagina 13

14 Conclusions we are going through a period of transition: hybrid management paper and electronic documents the change is not painless: it is necessary to rethink usual procedures and to find new ways, made possible by new technologies, that however guarantee stability and privacy of information It is an exacting but inevitable challenge: the future is digital Silvia PiroApril 14th 2011Pagina 14

15 April 14th 2011 Silvia Piro Editing by Elisabetta Granati Pagina 15 CONTACT DETAILS For any questions, input and suggestions Thank you for your attention!

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