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Part I: 16.4 Allied Victory in Europe Ms. Bielefeld Spring 2012.

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1 Part I: 16.4 Allied Victory in Europe Ms. Bielefeld Spring 2012

2 Tide Turns on Two Fronts  Russians want Allies to open a 2 nd front in France, but they strike first in North Africa  North African Campaign  General Bernard Montgomery—will take control of British troops  Fighting against Rommel in the Battle of El Alamein  Rommel’s army will fall back  Operation Torch —led by General Eisenhower, will catch Rommel while he is fleeing from Montgomery  Rommel will be crushed for good

3 Battle of Stalingrad (August 23, 1942)  Hitler sends army in to capture Stalingrad  Luftwaffe will night bomb the city  Russians trap Germans within the city & cut off supplies  In February, German troops surrender to Soviets  Germans were on the defensive & being pushed back (turning point!)

4 Invasion of Italy (July 10, 1943)  Roosevelt & Churchill Choose to invade Italy  Allied forces took Southern Italy  Germans seized Northern Italy  Fighting continues until Germany fell in May 1945  Mussolini found in back of a truck disguised as a German soldier  Shot him the next day & hung his body in downtown Milan for all to see

5 This official Coast Guard photo, taken at Salerno, is the first picture of an LST (Landing Ship, Tanks) in the process of unloading to be released. Like giant monsters, they swing open their great jaws and belch out tanks and motorized equipment after Coast Guard and Navy crews drive them right onto the enemy beach.

6 The Allied Home Front  WWII became total war  Mobilizing for War  American factories were converted to make war supplies  17-19 million Americans, many of them women, became workers in these factories  Shortage of consumer goods  rationing  Propaganda used gain support

7 War Limits Civil Rights  Prejudice becomes a problem  February 19, 1942— Executive Order 9066  Japanese-Americans sent to internment camps in the middle of the U.S.  Suspected of being spies, but none were convicted  2/3 were Nisei, native-born American citizens  Many volunteered for military service

8 Kicked out of their homes

9 Put on trains…

10 Taken to camps

11 Held in behind barbed-wire Does this sound familiar?

12 Victory in Europe: D-Day  D-Day or Operation Overlord : June 6, 1944  The invasion of Normandy, France  Largest land and sea attack in history landed on Omaha Beach  Heavy casualties  July 25—Allies broke through German defenses & led by General Patton, were able to take Paris  Will eventually liberate France, Belgium, Luxembourg

13 Victory in Europe: The Battle of the Bulge  Hitler’s plan to split American & British armies & break up Allied supply line  December 16, 1944—German tanks broke through American defenses in the Ardennes  Allies caught off guard & during the coldest winter on record  Allies eventually pushed Germans back

14 Germany’s Unconditional Surrender  March 1945—Allies cross into Germany  April 12, 1945—FDR dies; Harry Truman takes over as President  April 25, 1945—Soviets surrounded Berlin  April 29, 1945—Hitler married Eva Braun  April 30, 1945—Hitler and Eva kill themselves & were cremated  May 7, 1945—Gen. Eisenhower accepts the unconditional surrender of the Third Reich;  May 9, 1945—V-E Day: Surrender officially signed in Berlin

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