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Transportation Authorization (MAP-21) Details: Safety and Other Provisions August 22, 2012.

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1 Transportation Authorization (MAP-21) Details: Safety and Other Provisions August 22, 2012

2 Today’s Topics of Discussion Summary of MAP-21 Outcomes for ATSSA What’s next?

3 Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21 st Century nHow did we get here? nKeystone and Coal Ash nEnvironmental Streamlining nCompromise

4 Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21 st Century o Reforms streamlining the project delivery process o Expands project financing and public- private partnership opportunities o Consolidation o Eliminates Earmarks o Accountability and Performance Measures

5 Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21 st Century nConsolidation (cuts programs by 2/3) nStreamlining nCut red-tape nFunding fixes – short-term n27 Month Bill – Many provisions effective October 1

6 MAP – 21 n$105 billion bill – through September 30, 2014 n$39.7 billion federal aid-highways FY13 and $40 billion FY14 Note: Annual spending average SAFETEA-LU $38.8 vs. MAP-21 $39.97 nHSIP $2.39 billion FY13 and $2.41 billion FY14 210

7 MAP – 21 Funding Offsets One-time transfer of $2.4 billion in gasoline and diesel taxes collected earlier and deposited in a different fund Transfers another $18.8 billion from the general fund to the HTF (the cost of the GF to HTF transfer is fully offset, over 10 years, by tax increases from pension law changes) Funds the Highway Trust Fund through September 2016 210


9 MAP – 21 Consolidation National Highway Performance Program (NHPP) comprised of former programs: o Interstate Maintenance o National Highway System o Highway Bridge (on-system) Surface Transportation Program (STP) incorporates: o Highway Bridge (off-system) o Congestion pricing o Recreational trails o Ferry boats and terminals o Border infrastructure o Truck parking facilities 210

10 MAP-21, Some Areas of Interest Performance Management -Performance-based approach in metropolitan and statewide planning processes -Makes seven goals in the “national interest,” and requires the Secretary of Transportation in consultation with states and MPOs to establish performance measures and standards. 1. Safety 2. Infrastructure Condition 3. Congestion Reduction 4. System Reliability 5. Freight Movement and Economic Vitality 6. Environmental Sustainability 7. Reduced Project Delivery Delays

11 MAP-21, Some Areas of Interest Performance Management o National Goals for Safety: to achieve a significant reduction in traffic fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads. (number 1 listed) o No later than 18 months after MAP-21 enactment, DOT secretary will promulgate rulemaking that establishes performance measures and standards (in consultation with state DOTs, MPOs, and other stakeholders) o Public will have 90 days to comment

12 MAP-21, Some Areas of Interest Performance Management continued…. o Secretary will establish measures for HSIP for states to use to asses serious injuries and fatalities per VMT, and the number of serious injuries and fatalities o No later than one year after the Secretary has promulgated the final rule, each state shall set performance targets that reflect each category of performance measures (including HSIP). o A state may set different performance targets for rural and urban areas.

13 MAP-21, Some Areas of Interest Transportation Alternatives, old Transportation Enhancements o 2% of overall funding o Eligible projects include SRTS, recreation trails, planning/designing/constructing of boulevards and projects within section 101 o 50% of funds for this section is sub- allocated to communities Funding Level: $1.6 billion, total for 2 years

14 MAP-21 Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) The TIFIA program provides direct loans, loan guarantees, and lines of credit to surface transportation projects at favorable terms. TIFIA will leverage private and other non- federal investment in transportation improvements. Expands TIFIA from $122 million annually in SAFETEA-LU to a $1.75 billion program total for 2 years in MAP-21 ($750 million in FY2013 and $1 billion in FY2014).

15 MAP-21: Outcomes for ATSSA (6 out of 9 Conference Committee priorities included) HSIP almost doubled - 7% of overall highway funding Older Driver Infrastructure Improvements eligible under HSIP and if older driver fatalities increase states required to target strategies to change trends through SHSP HRRRs Best Practices included Sign and Pavement Marking upgrades clarified eligibility for HSIP. Also, sign upgrades for retro regardless of inclusion in the SHSP

16 MAP-21: Outcomes for ATSSA Work Zone Safety Grant Included in the bill o $3 million authorized for each Fiscal Year o Competing with Operation Lifesaver, safety related clearinghouses (national work zone safety information and a public road safety clearinghouse)

17 MAP-21: Outcomes for ATSSA Flex and Transfer o Flex deleted from HSIP (Big ATSSA Win) o Looks easier to designate funds for hard or soft safety since state no longer certifies that roads are safe o Transfer up to 50%

18 MAP-21 Items to Note in HSIP New focus on data Identify severity of crash locations Look to systemic improvements Look at fatalities by functional classification and ownership SHSP update requirements 1 year after enactment Penalty of withheld funds if plans not updated and approved Rural road fatality rate increases over a 2 year period the state must spend 200% of funds for HRRRs from FY09.

19 MAP-21 High Friction Surfaces Installation of skid-resistant surface at an intersection or other location with a high frequency of crashes (unchanged from SAFETEA LU) ATSSA recommended: : “Installation of a skid-resistant surface at an intersections, horizontal curves, pedestrian and school crossings, or bridge decks or other location with a high frequency of accidents to remedy an unsafe condition.” New in MAP-21: eligible activity systemic safety improvements under HSIP

20 What’s next??? nUpdate our members nGR Tab webinar and MAP-21 info nWritten outline available nGet out to Chapters and educate members nUtilize the Roadway Safety Advocate, Flash and Signal 210

21 Handouts nTimeline for authorization development nWorksheet for priorities

22 Strategy Going Forward nAt Midyear give committees the assignment of getting policy priority concepts to ATSSA staff by October 22 th. nSend recommendations for prioritization at the November Board meeting nSend draft back to committees for approval at the Annual meeting nApprove policy by March Board meeting nPrint by April

23 210 Questions?

24 210 Thank you for your time!

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