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12/30/2002Maxwell - CVEN 3491 CVEN 349 Civil Engineering Project Management Module 00-1: Introduction Last Modified: 12/30/2002.

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1 12/30/2002Maxwell - CVEN 3491 CVEN 349 Civil Engineering Project Management Module 00-1: Introduction Last Modified: 12/30/2002

2 12/30/2002Maxwell - CVEN 3492 My Semester’s Purpose: Create a learning experience that will: Be a significant influence on your future career, and Expose you to the concepts and tools necessary to excel as project managers on large and small projects. Convince you that “construction” is a rewarding career for those who are willing to take risks.

3 12/30/2002Maxwell - CVEN 3493 My Responsibility Provide a meaningful Learning Experience. This does NOT mean spoon-feed the information to you. Walk the Participants through the project related process steps. Give the Participants some practice in the use of project related analytical tools. Expose the Participants to the opportunity to develop requisite leadership and teaming skills.

4 12/30/2002Maxwell - CVEN 3494 Your Responsibility Participate fully in the class activities, both as individuals and as team members -- 30% of your grade is just showing up. Be individually responsible for learning the required material -- the other 60% Be willing to demonstrate the “work ethic” required of all successful engineering professionals.

5 12/30/2002Maxwell - CVEN 3495 Some Ideas that We Will Work on this spring. First, you-all have to realize that I like to experiment with new ways to do things. ACL – Active Collaborative Learning TAL – Technology Assisted Learning ILC – Inclusive Learning Community Consider yourselves warned.

6 12/30/2002Maxwell - CVEN 3496 Active Collaborative Learning (ACL) Lectures, Discussion, and Dialogs -- there is a difference! Team Instruction -- Team Learning. Team Projects with Individual Accountability -- just like industry. “After 2,500 years or more of lectures, let’s try something different.”

7 12/30/2002Maxwell - CVEN 3497 Purpose: This is what I am trying to accomplish during the presentation of this Module.

8 12/30/2002Maxwell - CVEN 3498 Learning Objectives: These are what I expect you to be able to do upon completion of each Module. I will determine how well you met these objectives by: Pop Quizzes or RATs – Progress and Role Checks Class Exercises – Team and Individual Homework – Team and Individual Hour Exams Final

9 12/30/2002Maxwell - CVEN 3499 Class Assessment At the end of most classes you will have the opportunity to give me some feedback on what were the “muddiest” topics covered in the module. Remember, you will be quizzed over the learning objectives and you should make sure that you can accomplish each of them before the next exam.

10 12/30/2002Maxwell - CVEN 34910 ACL Process

11 12/30/2002Maxwell - CVEN 34911 Technology Assisted Learning (TAL) - This is a “hot topic” The use of technology to enhance the learning process. We are just getting started with this idea. Document interchange over the web – CEnotes On-line Gradebook – CEnotes Interactive modules – Dr. Lowery and I are working on this. Streaming video – I plan to try this this spring. Distance learning – Continuing Education. In today’s world you can’t know too much about computers.

12 12/30/2002Maxwell - CVEN 34912 Inclusive Learning Community (ILC) Inclusion of Industrial Partners in the teaching/learning process. A few of the folks that I’ve used in the past. Ron Kelling, P.E. Black & Veatch, Houston Dave Lockwood, P.E., Project Management Consultant, Houston George Thomas, Hirschfeld Steel Co. Jeff Nobel, TXU Dallas Lanny Garner, Grant Garner’s father.

13 12/30/2002Maxwell - CVEN 34913 Show the Bechtel Video Leave about 30 minutes.

14 12/30/2002Maxwell - CVEN 34914 Bechtel Video What project management activities were demonstrated by the Bechtel Team? What diversity issues did you observe? How would you have handled the “hostile natives” problem?

15 12/30/2002Maxwell - CVEN 34915 Things that you need to take care of ASAP. Register with the CENotes Site, so that I can get your e-mail address. Use the e-mail address that you check often: TAMU, Yahoo, HotMail, etc. Read the DISC Module before Friday

16 12/30/2002Maxwell - CVEN 34916 Class Assessment Any questions on what we covered today?

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