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Early Indian Civilizations

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1 Early Indian Civilizations
Aztecs Mayans Incan Mississippian

2 Early Indian Civilizations
Early Indian civilizations (Maya, Inca, Aztec, Mississippian) existed in the Western Hemisphere prior to the arrival of Europeans. These civilizations had developed unique governments, social structures, religions, technologies, and agricultural practices and products.

3 Early Indian Civilizations
Aztecs Incas Mayans Mississippians Government Culture Religion Technology Agricultural practices/ products

4 Early Indian Civilizations
Example Civilization Mayans Government cities were religious and government centers; priests and nobles served as leaders and lived in large palaces Culture people participated in outdoor games Religion festivals honored Mayan gods Technology Mayans developed a number system and a calendar Agricultural practices/ products farmers used a slash and burn method; maize was most the common crop

5 Early Indian Civilizations

6 Early Indian Civilizations
Aztecs BrainPop – Aztec civilization Aztec government Article – Aztec farming Aztec daily life Aztec inventions and achievements Aztec religion

7 Early Indian Civilizations

8 Early Indian Civilizations
Incas BrainPop - Inca civilization Inca government Inca daily life - Nobility Article – Incas Inca daily life – Common people Article – Farming Inca style Inca inventions and achievements Inca religion

9 Early Indian Civilizations

10 Early Indian Civilizations
Mayans BrainPop– Mayan civilization Mayan government Article – Mayans Mayan daily life Mayan inventions and achievements Mayan religion Mayan farming

11 Early Indian Civilizations
Mayans Mayan Rise and Fall

12 Early Indian Civilizations

13 Early Indian Civilizations
Mississippians Mississippian government Article – Mississippian culture Article – Mississippian culture Mississippian daily life Mississippian inventions and achievements Mississippian religion Mississippian PowerPoint

14 Early Indian Civilizations
Promethean Early American cultures

15 Early Indian Civilizations
Project Research one of the early Indian civilizations regarding government systems, social structures, religions, technologies, and agricultural practices and products. Share the information you learned by creating one of the following: • A two-to-four minute infomercial of that civilization. • A museum exhibit of their civilization. Museum exhibits might be physical (e.g., posters, illustrations, models) or virtual using electronic media tools (e.g., slide show,). A travel brochure for the civilization you researched. +

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