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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Kyle Johnson, Patricia Powell, Jesse Goyzueta, Ashten Watts.

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1 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Kyle Johnson, Patricia Powell, Jesse Goyzueta, Ashten Watts

2 What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?  PTSD is a mental disorder that stems from a traumatic event such as combat, assault, or disaster.  Most commonly seen in war veterans. Police officers and ER nurses are also groups that have repeated exposure to traumatic sights and events.  Some people that are exposed to traumatic events may not even develop PTSD while some others develop the full disorder.

3 How recent is it?  PTSD wasn’t added to the DSM until 1980 when psychiatrists decided it was it’s own disease.  It was very controversial when it was first introduced as a disorder.  It was recently changed in the DSM-5 because of the group change and all the new information we have learned recently  It is based under “trauma and stressor related disorders” instead of fear based anxiety disorders in the DSM-5 now.

4 Do you have PTSD?  You have to meet certain criterion to be diagnosed with this disorder  Psychiatrists had to define traumatic because people have different traumatic thresholds  Ordinary stressors like divorce, serious illness, failure, etc. are ordinary stressors and are not considered traumatic  You cannot be traumatized if you see an event through electronic media, but repeated indirect exposure can be considered traumatic

5 Symptoms  -Recurring distressing dreams -Flashbacks -Distress at exposure to reminders of event -Avoiding thoughts and feelings associated with trauma -Feeling detached -Outbursts of anger -Difficulty concentrating

6 Populations  War Vets PTSD Stats Iraqi Freedom Operations- 11-20 out of 100 (11-20%) Gulf War- 12 out of 100 (12%) Vietnam War- 15 out of 100 (15%) Children PTSD Boys 1-6% chance of developing PTSD Girls 3-15% chance of developing PTSD

7 Treatments  Cognitive behavioral therapy  EDMR  Medication

8 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  Uses questions, stories, and metaphors  Helps patient deal with negative feelings and false thoughts  Helps patient process information in a healthy way

9 EDMR  Non-traditional  Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing  Uses eye movements and motion to trigger different functions of the mind and brain

10 Medication  The use of medications to counter symptoms and mood issues  Inhibits or excites depends on medication and symptom  Primarily used to counteract serotonin and noreponeprine issues in the brain

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