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Evolution of Terror US History II August 27, 2009.

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1 Evolution of Terror US History II August 27, 2009

2 Why? Why did terrorists attack us? Who is at fault? What do we do about it?

3 Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden Reasons for terrorism against US: –US military presence in Middle East –US support of Israel –Hatred of Western Culture –At war with American “infidels”


5 US Support of Israel Support of Israel –Model of democracy and Western values in M.E. –Trouble balancing this with need of oil from Arab countries


7 US Military in Middle East After Persian Gulf War (1991), US left troops in Saudi Arabia Arabs/Muslims: “Get off our land!”

8 Hatred of US Culture Muslims wish to keep their culture, non- corrupted by US culture Example: US women= can vote, are equal with men, and have rights

9 Infidels “Enemies” of Islam Quran teaches that these must be destroyed

10 Modern Terror (Post-WWII) Terrorism used for political/religious reasons Terrorists around world see impact Munich Olympics, 1972: Palestinian terrorists kill 11 Israelis

11 Iran Hostage Crisis, 1979 Iranian students seize 52 Americans in Tehran, Iran Weak countries learn they can hurt powerful countries by supporting terrorism US creates list of countries that support terrorism

12 1st World Trade Center Bombing 1993: Bomb explodes in van in parking garage of WTC 6 people die





17 U.S. Response to 9/11 Department of Homeland Security Created by President Bush to monitor possible terrorists, threats to US security

18 Homeland Security, contd. Protect transportation, communications, water and power supplies Visitors and Immigration: Keep track of 500,000,000 visitors every year


20 Profiling Searching people based on race, gender, etc.

21 Border Control Guard thousands of miles of border Over 350 ports of entry

22 Guantanamo Bay US base in Cuba; terrorist suspects detained there Suspected abuse/mistreatment to get information Water boarding

23 Recruitment and Training Secret sleeper cells around the globe Training camps in Afghanistan Religiously Motivated Terrorism –What the US is worried about –Radical Muslims believe that terrorism is OK to please Allah.

24 Patriot Act Passed in October 2001 by Congress Gives US Government power to tap methods of communication to gain info

25 Patriot Act Controversy Some claim it’s illegal/unconstitutional Unauthorized “search and seizure”


27 Target: Afghanistan





32 Taliban Sunni Islamic group Controlled Afghanistan government 1996-2001 Sharia law, mistreatment of citizens Supportive of radical Muslims


34 Life Under the Taliban Strict rules for women Goal: Preserve Islam, restore modesty for women Must wear burqa 80% arranged, forced marriages


36 Women No education past age 7 No co-ed schools Banned from working except medical field


38 9/11 Al-Qaeda terrorists responsible US intelligence: AQ hiding in Afghanistan/Pakistan





43 US Demands to Taliban Deliver Al-Qaeda leaders to US Protect American journalists in Afghanistan Give US full access to terrorist camps Hand over Osama bin Laden



46 War in Afghanistan Afghanistan attacked by US Operation Enduring Freedom, 2001 Mission: Destroy terrorist camps, Osama bin Laden



49 Operation Enduring Freedom Removed Taliban from power Destroyed many terrorist camps Killed 1,500 Al-Qaeda members Immediate success

50 Taliban Comeback? US focused on Iraq, left Afghanistan alone Taliban had been hiding in Pakistan Recently: More killings, increased violence

51 Positive War Effects Crime reduced Schools, hospitals built Women being educated

52 Al-Qaeda Who Are These People? And Why Do They Want to Kill You?

53 Definition “The Base” Made up of radical Islamic groups Anti-West, Christian, Jew, some Muslims 18,000 members in 60 nations

54 AQ QuickFax® Formed 1988 by Osama bin Laden 1996-2001: Lived in Afghanistan thanks to Taliban Goals: Bring back sharia law Establish caliphate

55 Jihad – Holy War AQ believes in jihad against infidels (enemies of Islam) Remove West from Middle East Re-establish caliphate: Muslim leadership


57 Attacks 1993: First WTC bombing Bomb in van in parking garage underneath twin towers 6 killed


59 1998: US Embassy Bombed East Africa embassy bombed by AQ 300 killed


61 2000: USS Cole Bombed; 17 killed Successful attack inspires AQ Plots to attack US land


63 Osama’s Demands to US Get out of Israel and quit supporting them Get out of Middle East Let Muslims establish Islamic empire again


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