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PURCHASING CO-OPS How to look for an approve vendor.

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1 PURCHASING CO-OPS How to look for an approve vendor

2 Where to look for approve vendors  Raymondville ISD webpage  1. Click RISD Purchasing  2. Click Purchasing Co-Ops  Click on any Co-Op

3 Region One  1. Transportation  2. Utility Auditing Services  3. Efficiency Services  4. Catering Services

4 Region 2  The Multi-Regional Purchasing Program offers members a unique and beneficial opportunity to purchase goods and services from contracts that meet State Competitive Bidding Requirements, saving districts valuable time and resources.  Click on Current contracts  Search by category

5 Region 2 - Continued  Example: computer furniture  Look at effective date and expiration date  Click on View  Notice the RFP #, this number is require on the requisition form  A list of vendors will be listed  Click on a selected vendor

6 Region 2 - Continued  Click View All  This page will show the vendors information, Deviations & Attachments, Catalogs & Discount or Services & Rate and Dealerships  You can also search by vendor’s name  Click Vendor Search and type vendor’ name  Where to submit Pos  Vendors also include their web page

7 Buy Board  List vendors by category and vendor’s name  Include the five digit number in your requisition form  Always fax Purchase orders to the Buy Board at 800-211-5454 for processing

8 TCPN  A national governmental purchasing cooperative  Search for vendors, listed alphabetically  Next to the vendor’s name you will see the Commodity/Service and contract number  Include the contract number in your requisition form  Search by commodity  Click on vendor’s name this will give you the contract information

9 TCPN - Continued  Includes approved products/services  Includes order placement  Includes pricing  Includes vendor contact information  Includes web address and other information  Faxing the Purchase Order, click on vendors name  You will see the TCPN Contact Information, look for Order Placement on how to submit your PO

10 Region 2013  Educational Technology & General Supplies  Click on Awarded Vendors  List vendors alphabetically  Include the Vendor name and Proposal # in your requisition form  Scroll to the right for more information on the vendor including their website and contact information

11 Region 2013 - Continued  Always fax Purchase Orders directly to the vendor

12 DIR  Texas Department of Information Resources  Includes computers, printers, software, network & voice, peripherals, IT services and vendor service  Click DIR Store  Search by product type  Search by brand name  Search by vendor name

13 DIR - Continued  Search by IT commodity  Contact the RISD Technology Department for specification of products and services

14 TXMAS  Texas Multiple Award Schedules  Contracts that have been developed from contracts that have been competitively awarded by the federal government  Search by category  Click on the GSA number  Click on Contract for more information on the vendor

15 TXMAS - Continued  Contact vendor for product information and pricing

16 Purchasing Co-Ops  Additional information  When contacting vendors on price and availability, referencing the Co-op’s name for discount price  Always ask for shipping and handling cost  Sole Source Form

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