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CLIL Activity – I.T.I.S. C. Zuccante 5ISB – School Year 2005/06 A. Memo STRUCTURED CABLING Final Exam Compendium.

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1 CLIL Activity – I.T.I.S. C. Zuccante 5ISB – School Year 2005/06 A. Memo STRUCTURED CABLING Final Exam Compendium

2 Brain storm Whats structured cabling? Whats the meaning of structured? Whats the meaning of standardisation? Is my house cabled? Where, when and how was cabled? Why the law covers the structured cabling problem?

3 Objectives 1. Structured cabling systems 2. Terminology 3. Passive Devices 4. Cross Connect technology I. Documentation II. Installation technique III. Mini-glossary for the final exam

4 Structured Cabling Systems Structured cabling is a method for creating an organized cabling system that can be easily understood by installers, network administrators, and any other technicians that deal with cables

5 Structured Cabling Systems Rules of Structured Cabling for LANs look for a complete connectivity solution plan for future growth maintain freedom of choice in vendors

6 Antenna Entrance Telecommunications Room/Closet Tie Pathway Backbone Pathway Equipment Room/Closet Backbone Pathways Horizontal Pathway Entrance Room/Closet Main Terminal Space (Entrance Facility) Interbuilding Backbone Work Area Alternate Entrance Telecommunications Room/Closet Demarcation Point Telecommunications Outlet Horizontal Pathway Subsystems of Structured Cabling

7 Interbuilding Backbone Alternate Entrance Subsystems of Structured Cabling dorsale tra edifici accesso alternativo Demarcation Point punto di demarcazione between outside service provider cables and customer cables

8 Work Area Telecommunications Outlet Subsystems of Structured Cabling area di lavoro presa di rete

9 Horizontal Pathway Entrance Room / Closet Main Terminal Space (Entrance Facility) Telecommunications Room/Closet Subsystems of Structured Cabling canalizzazione orizzontale o di piano stanza / armadio daccesso principale stanza / armadio di permutazione di piano Equipment Room/Closet stanza dei dispositivi (interconnessione interbuilding-intrabuilding)

10 Tie Pathway Backbone Pathway Backbone Pathways Subsystems of Structured Cabling canalizzazione di dorsale o canalizzazione verticale o canalizzazione di edificio canala passacavi

11 ingresso dantenna Antenna Entrance Subsystems of Structured Cabling

12 other diagram example ? ? ? ? ?

13 Building A Building B Building C Telecommunication Outlet Horizontal Cabling Floor Distributor / Telecommunication Closet Building Distributor / Telecommunication Closet Building Backbone Campus Backbone Subsystems of Structured Cabling a larger example Campus Distributor / Telecommunication Closet campus comprensorio

14 Campus Distributor / Main cross Connect Building Distributor / Intermediate cross Connect Floor Distributor / Horizontal cross Connect Campus Backbone Building backbone or vertical cabling horizontal cabling Telecommunication Outlets optional cabling (not allowed) optional Transition Point Telecommunication Closets Cabling logical diagram

15 Campus Equipment Room more complex than Telecommunication Closet to Building Distributor / Intermediate cross Connect Main cross Connect Cables from Service Provider Tie Pathway for cables to electronic devices Electronic Devices

16 Demarcation Point plywood panel

17 Telecommunications Room Distribution Rack Patch Panel (front)

18 Telecommunication Closet

19 Raceways A raceway is a channel that contains cables. Raceways include common electrical conduits, specialized cable trays or ladder racks, in-floor duct systems, and plastic or metal surface mounted raceways.

20 Patch Panel

21 Patch panel and Patch Cord Panel with telephonic cross-connect Panel for UTP cables with 16 RJ45 Panel for optical fiber with 16 SC connectors Patch Cord Optical Patch Cord

22 Telecommunication Closet Telecommunication Outlet Patch panel and Patch Cord Data Voice

23 Horizontal Cabling Work Area Telecommunications Closet horizontal cabling 90 m I 1 + I 2 + I 3 = 10 m I1I1 I3I3 I2I2 I3I3 HC = cross-connect = telecommunication outlet = transition point I 1 = work area cable I 2 = patch cord I 3 = equipment cable

24 Telecommunication Outlet four pairs cable directly connected on RJ45 socket four pairs cable connected on plug RJ45 adapter

25 work area at least two outlet about 10 m 2 Work Area Cable patch max 90 m Working Area

26 RJ45: socket and plug RJ45 Wall Socket (receptacle ) or Telecommunication Outlet RJ45 jack or plug (male)


28 UTP cable Pair 2 Orange/White 1 Blue/White 3 Green/White 4 Brown/White Wire White/Blue Blue White/Orange Orange White/Green Green White/Brown Brown The solid colored wire is called ring and the stripe wire is called "tip". Language Tip: colour (UK) or color (USA)

29 for the final exam Documentation: how to describe the structured cabling for the assigned network design Installation technique: UTP cat. 5 installation: do and dont making a UTP patch cable Mini-glossary Vocabulary


31 Document: 2. Cabling layout SERVIZI VANO SCALE ACCOGLIENZA SALA CONSULTAZIONE SALA PRESTITI SALA WIRELESS PIANO TERRA TC01 MC TC02TC03 EF MC UFFICI BIBLIOTECA VANO SCALE SALA MACCHINE PRIMO PIANO MAGAZZINI DI CONSERVAZIONE UFFICI O AMMINISTRATIVO VANO SCALE UFFICIO TECNICO SECONDO PIANO UFFICIO PERSONALE UFFICIO ACQUISTI DIRIGENTE MC TC11 TC12 TC21 TC01 EF TC21 MC LEGENDA MCMain cross Connect EFEntrance Facility TC01Telecommunication Closet PT (Prestiti+Accoglienza) TC02Telecommunication Closet PT (Wireless) TC03Telecommunication Closet PT (Consultazione) TC11Telecommunication Closet PP (Biblioteca) TC12Telecommunication Closet PP (Magazzino) TC21Telecommunication Closet SP (all the Officies) Backbone Pathway Horizontal Pathway

32 Document: 3. Logic Diagram MCEFTC01TC02TC03TC11TC12TC21 TOxx

33 Documentation: alternative view

34 Document: 4. Media 5. Connectors MEDIA from EFto MCmultimodal optical fiber from MCto TC01multimodal optical fiber from MCto TC21multimodal optical fiber from MCto TC1xUTP cable, cat.5 from TC01to TC02UTP cable, cat.5 from TC01to TC03UTP cable, cat.5 from TCxxto TOxxUTP cable, cat.5 CONNECTORS Optical Fiber: ST UTP: RJ45 (TIA 568B)

35 Document: 6. Telecommunication Closet modem FO link router SW P SW CS PP CS MC FO link SW 01 PP 01 TC01 SW 02 PP 02 TC02 FO link SW 21 PP 21 TC21 SW 03 PP 03 TC03 SW 11 PP 11 TC11 SW 12 PP 12 TC12 third floor second floor first floor

36 Document: 7. Cross Connection positionconnectionpatchdescription PP CS-1EFmodemISP connection PP CS-2PP 01-1SW CS-1uplink to SW01 PP CS-3PP 01-2SW CS-2uplink to SW02 PP CS-4PP 01-3SW CS-3uplink to SW03 PP CS-5PP 01-4SW CS-4uplink to SW04 …… PP CS-xxTOxxSW CS-xxto a Telcom. Outlet ----modemrouterpatch from modem to router ----routerSW CS-yypatch from router to switch

37 Document: 8. LAN Diagram SW 21 FO prtuff UP second floor modem router SW P server FO TLC SW 02 prtuff AP UP Sala ric. mob SW 01 pres UP Sala prest. FO prn Atrio self SW 03 pres UP Sala cons. pres SW 11 biblidirig UP Uff. biblio. bibli prn scan SW 12 mag UP Magazzino SW CS FO LEGEND optical fiber (802.3 ab) UTP (802.3 ab, Gigabit) UTP (802.3u Fast Ethernet) legacy (USB, Lpt, Com) wireless LEGEND optical fiber (802.3 ab) UTP (802.3 ab, Gigabit) UTP (802.3u Fast Ethernet) legacy (USB, Lpt, Com) wireless

38 Document: 9. Active Devices Specifications

39 Document: 10. IP address

40 Installation technique CAT.5 installation: do and dont Please, note the relation between Categories (USA) and Classes (Europe) for UTP cable: A- B- C3 D5e E6 classcategory

41 CAT.5 Installation DONT pull cable with excessive force, as this will alter the cables insulation and transmission properties. DO pull cable using less than 25 pounds (11,3 Kg) of pull- force. CABLE TENSION UNROLLING CABLE DONT allow the cable to kink, knot or snag while pulling it off the spool or out of the box; deforming the pair-twist will alter the performance of the cable. DO use a cable pulling accessory.

42 CAT.5 Installation RUNNING & SUPPORTING CABLE DONT overstress cables by overloading …. … and DONT allow the cable hook to rip or fray the cable. DO use j-hooks or similar devices designed to support cables. minimum distance between power supply cable and network cable (parallel running) is 15 cm.

43 CAT.5 Installation DONT overstress cables by overtightering cable ties, especially to the point where crush stress is visible. DO use tie wraps loosely on large bundles. (see also Using Tie-wraps) DO use Velcro tie wraps to secure large bundles. DO use cable clamps on individual runs. RUNNING & SECURING CABLE USING WIRE CHANNELS DO use sweeping bends. DONT allow the cable to form right angles or sharp bends.

44 CAT.5 Installation STAPLING CABLE USING TIE-WRAPS DO staple by hand, or use staplers with depth stops. DONT squish cables when securing them. DO use Velcro to keep cables from becoming over-cinched. DONT chinch the cables tightly, especially to the point where crush stress is visible. DO tie-wrap the bundle loosely. DO use Velcro as a flexible and reusable alternative to plastic tie-wraps to keep bundles from cinching.

45 CAT.5 Installation REMOVING CABLE JACKET DONT remove too much cable jacket. DO retain cable jacket as close to the termination point as possible. MAINTAINING PAIR TWISTS DURING TERMINATION DONT untwist the cable pairs more than 12 mm and DONT strip cable jacket back any more than you need to. DO maintain pair twists to within 12 mm of the termination point, and the cable jacket is maintained as close to the terminations as possible.

46 Making a UTP patch cable 1.Strip off the jacket for about 2,5 cm. 2.Separate out the 4 pairs of wires 3.Untwist and organize the wires according to the proper colour code and flatten the wires (T568A or T568B). 4.Maintain the colour order and flatness of the wires, then clip their length so that a maximum of 1.2 cm of untwisted wire is present.

47 Making a UTP patch cable 6.Push the wires in firmly enough to make sure the conductors are all visible when you look at the plug from the end. 7.Inspect the colour code and jacket location to be sure they are correct. 8.Insert the plug firmly into the crimp tool and crimp down completely. 5.Insert ordered wires into RJ-45 plug; make sure jackets are inserted into plug.

48 Fiber Optic connectors

49 Mini-Glossary

50 Vocabulary ST(Straight Tip) A fiber-optic connector which uses the bayonet style coupling. SCtype of fiber optic connector (Structured Connector) optical connector with a push-pull mating design. Commonly referred to as Structured Connectors or Stick and Click. UTP(Unshielded Twisted Pair) a cable that consists of two or more insulated conductors in which each pair of conductors are twisted around each other. RJ45Registered Jack-45, a telephone connector that holds up to eight wires, used in Ethernet devices T568A/Bcolor coding used for normal network cabling

51 Vocabulary OSIOpen Systems Interconnection, the 7-layers suite of protocols designed by ISO committees to be the international standard computer network architecture MDFMain Distribution frame, a distribution frame on one part of which terminate the permanent outside lines entering the central office building and on another part of which terminate the subscriber line multiple cabling, trunk multiple cabling, etc. MMFMultimode Fiberoptic Cable, fiberoptic cable in which the signal or light propagates in multiple modes or paths

52 Vocabulary 10Base-TAn Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE) working group designing a specification for 10 Mbps CSMA/CD baseband local area networking (LAN) transmission commonly called Ethernet over twisted-pair wiring. 100Base-TA specification for 100 Mbps - commonly called Fast Ethernet over twisted-pair wiring. 1000Base-TA IEEE 802.3z working group designing a specification for 1000 Mbps - commonly called Gigabit Ethernet. wiring diagramA point to point, highway or airline wiring format which defines the wiring path and color code of wire to and from apparatus components.

53 Vocabulary wireA single metallic conductor, usually solid-drawn and circular in cross section shielded cableCable with metal tape shield wrapped around the insulated conductors. twisted pairInsulated wire in which pairs are twisted together. rackA structure on which equipment is mounted patch panelA generic device that allows for organizing and connecting the copper and fiber optic cables power cordA three-wire (sometimes two-wire) cord used to make connection with an AC public power supply

54 Vocabulary layoutA proposed or actual arrangement or allocation of equipment groundAn intentional or accidental connection between an electric circuit or its housing and the ground (earth) fiber opticsThin filaments of glass through which light beams are transmitted over long distances and which can carry enormous amounts of data cableA single wire or group of individual wires in a single sheath cable riserCable running vertically in a multi-story building to serve the upper floors.

55 Vocabulary cable runConduit used to run cables through a building. Also the path taken by a cable or group of cables. cable traySteel trough erected above equipment racks to support cable runs in an equipment room conduitA device used to hold, organize, and protect electrical or optical cables cross connection - A mapping between two channels or paths at a network device backboneThe main connectivity device of a distributed system. All systems that have connectivity to the backbone connect to each other antennaA device for transmitting or receiving, or transmitting and receiving signals

56 Vocabulary structured cablingis a set of standards that determine how to wire a building for data or voice communications cable pathwaysystems providing horizontal, vertical and backbone pathways from your data room to your workstations cable runwayo Ladder Rack, horizontal, vertical and backbone pathways for your computer room, telecommunications room and data center closeta cabinet or enclosed recess for telecommunications devices demarcation pointthe location within a building where the lines from the telephone company connect to the customer's lines.

57 Vocabulary interbuilding intrabuilding outlet telecommunication outlet jack horizonthal pathway entrance facility

58 Vocabulary building backbone campus backbone building distributor floor distributor campus distributor cross connect main cross connect

59 Vocabulary intermediate cross connect transition point patch cord

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