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Welcome Bienvenidos Annual Title I Parent Meeting Montclaire Elementary 9/23/14.

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1 Welcome Bienvenidos Annual Title I Parent Meeting Montclaire Elementary 9/23/14

2  Informing you of your school’s participation in Title I  Explaining the requirements of Title I  Explaining your rights as parents to be involved Why are we here?

3  A school that receives money from the federal government to supplement the school’s existing programs. These dollars are used for…  Identifying students experiencing academic difficulties  Purchasing supplemental staff/programs/materials/supplies  Conducting parental Involvement meetings/trainings/activities  Recruiting/Hiring/Retaining Highly Qualified Teachers What is a Title I school?

4  Interpreters & Translators  Parent Advocate  Extra teacher in Kindergarten  Part-time tutor  Training teachers in balanced literacy practices  Technology (ipads/Chromebooks)  Parent involvement initiatives How does Montclaire use the money?

5  It is a fact that when parents and schools work together that kids are successful!  You can help us decide how to use our Title I funds!  We need your input and want to invite you to join us in making decisions about your child’s education!  PTA, SLT, and volunteer! Parent Involvement

6  The School Leadership Team (SLT) is made up of parents and staff members.  Together we make a plan that consists of:  A Needs Assessment and Summary of Data  Goals and Strategies to Address Academic Needs of Students  Professional Development Needs  Coordination of Resources and Comprehensive Budget  The School’s Parental Involvement Plan School Improvement Plan

7  SLT members need to be elected.  Please fill out the pink form to become part of our team!  We had 2 parents last year….we would love more this year! School Improvement Plan

8  Join the School Leadership Team  Volunteer to contact other parents regarding important school information  Ex. – 100% Compact completion  Stuff envelopes  Talk to your neighbors and let them know what is going on at your child’s school.  Contact our office to volunteer. Our new volunteer coordinator starts Monday, Ms. Arlen Bowman. How can I volunteer to assist my student with school needs?

9  The compact is a commitment from the school, the parent, and the student, to share in the responsibility for improved academic achievement  There will be copies in your child’s classroom tonight. Please read & sign the compact and return to the teacher. School-Parent Compact

10  Title I Parents have the right to request the qualifications of their child’s teachers  Contact the office and we can provide you with a “Right to Know” letter.  The school will send you a letter every 6 weeks if your child is being taught by a teacher not deemed “highly qualified.”  Examples: substitutes, teachers with teaching licenses outside of NC Teacher Qualifications

11 Definition of AMOs  Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs) is defined as a series of performance targets that states, school districts, and specific subgroups within schools, must achieve each year to meet the requirements of ESEA. In each public school in North Carolina, the 11 student subgroups are:  School as a whole (all students)  American Indian  Asian  Black  Hispanic  Two or More Races  White  Economically Disadvantaged Students (Based on Child Nutrition data files submitted in accordance with a Memorandum of Agreement)  Limited English Proficient (LEP)  Students with Disabilities (SWD)  AIG- Academic Intelligence- Gifted Montclaire’s Data

12 YearEVAAS Status % Proficient on EOGs 2012- 2013 Meets Expected Growth 25.53 (III & IV) 2013- 2014 Met26.0 (IV & V) CCR Last Year’s Data READ TO ACHIEVE (3 rd grade) Number of Students Percent Enrolled97 Did not meet RTA Standard 2828.87 Met RTA Standard6971.13 Good cause exempt- LEP less than two years 1212.37 Good cause exempt- IEP indicates alternate testing 33.09

13 Thank You! Gracias! Have fun visiting the classrooms! Session 1: 6-6:30 Session 2: 6:30-7:00

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